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Who should bear responsibility for loss of original bill of lading

Question from a reader.. Greetings Hariesh. I was just wondering, in a case whereby a plane say crashes or disappears, and having some OBLs being couriered, who would be responsible for doing the Letter of Indemnity to facilitate release of cargo? Qu...
by Shipping in South Africa on Feb 24, 2015

Sample form of Letter of Indemnity

Sample form of a letter of indemnity - A person (X) is submitting this indemnity bond to the bank authority to withdraw the amount lying in the account of a deceased person (Y). The person (X) is the sole legal heir of the deceased person (Y). &...
by ASSORTMENT on Dec 15, 2012

Form of a Letter of Indemnity

Here is a form of Letter of Indemnity - Indemnity Bond. A bank account holder died intestate leaving behind some amount in his bank account without nominating any person. The sole legal heir of said account holder- who has not obtained either success...
by on Oct 14, 2012

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