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Under the Rainbow Flag Tour of Stockholm

The Under the Rainbow Flag tour began under overcast skies at Stockholm, Sweden's stunningly beautiful Woodlands Cemetery, where Greta Garbo is buried. It was one of several pre-TBEX Stockholm activities.
by Accidental TravelWriter on Jul 15, 2016

-Iowa Civil Rights Commission Backs Down and Supports Religious Freedom

Earlier this month, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission seemed to be saying that any church that opened its doors to the public was subject to the state’s discrimination laws and transgender bathroom regulations. It was tantamount to legally requiring...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 14, 2016

Gambar foto terbaru meme lucu yang menyindir kaum lgbt 2016 – Banyak meme lucu nih sob yang bisa sobat simak,kini kami hadirkan foto meme lucu yang bisa di jadikan komenn.LGBT mmerupakan salah satu penyimpangan yang tentunya di agama manapun tak ada yang mengajarkan untuk LGBT.Pada postinga...
by Bintang Dolar on Jul 14, 2016

Unisex Toilets, an Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Legislation in North Carolina requiring transgender people to use the public toilet according to the gender they were assigned at birth has provoked a heated debate in the United States. What do they do in Sweden?
by Accidental TravelWriter on Jul 12, 2016

K’s Hills: a Classic Osaka Gay Bar Experience

ケイズ・ヒルズ  ゲイバーSome bars try to be all things to tall people, be it vibe or orientation. K’s Hills, a bar in Osaka’s Doyama gay area, makes no such efforts. It does what it does well, with class, and with no apologies. With...
by Japan Visitor on Jul 12, 2016

Gambar foto terbaru meme lucu yang menyindir lgbt 2016 – meme lucu menyindir lgbt,merupakan salah satu penyakit yang menyimpang,bahkan di tanah air cukup mendapat penolakaan di sebaagian masarakat,seperti foto yang satu ini merupakan penolakan yang secara keras yang mana mereka sampai...
by Bintang Dolar on Jul 12, 2016


Did Jesus die for the COLORED PEOPLE? The IMMIGRANTS? Did he die for the LGBT? YES. The SOCIOPATH? HE DID. Surprised? But Jesus did. He died for everyone. why do I … Continue reading →...
by INVESTMENT AT END TIMES on Jul 10, 2016

-Canada: Appeals Court Rules Against Christian Law School

                                   (Illustration from Trinity Western University...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 8, 2016

Smart Break Barriers

I would love to commend Smart Communications in this wonderful and timely video. This will definitely help in breaking down barriers and in welcoming change for the LGBT community. I hope similar huge companies in the Philippines will follow this bre...
by Elmer Loves Oreo on Jul 7, 2016

-Iowa: Churches Must Comply with Transgender Bathroom Laws?

The Civil Rights Commission of at least one state (Iowa) seems to be declaring that churches must comply with the state’s transgender bathroom laws regardless of the first amendment since they are ‘open to the public.’ Here’s the story fr...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 6, 2016

-Pentagon Lifts Transgender Ban and Will Provide Supporting Medical Care and Surgeries

                        (The Pentagon: Wikipedia) The Obama administration has lifted the official ban on Transgender folks in the US m...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 30, 2016

-Should American Christians Now Expect Some Persecution?

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” -John 15:18 (ESV) When was the last time a conservative Christian was fairly represented in the media? Where are the positive examples of believing Christians that use to po...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 29, 2016

#PRIDE2016 | Internal divisions and discrimination hamper PH gay rights movement

June is the international LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) pride month. A lot of people seem to think that the Philippine gay community is monolithic. That’s not true. In fact, it can be said that the only thing that’s comm...
by The Filipino Scribe on Jun 28, 2016

¿Existe el “gen de la homosexualidad”?

En el Día del Orgullo LGBT (lesbiana, gay, bisexual y transexual), día en el que todo este colectivo se manifiesta y reivindica por los derechos que les pertenecen. Desde hace décadas, la existencia de la homosexualidad ha sido explorada por cien...
by Psiqueviva on Jun 28, 2016

Grand Slam Gay Bar in Osaka - The Name Says It All!

グランド・スラムJust a few minutes’ walk from Osaka's Umeda district, one of the entertainment and shopping beating hearts of Osaka, leads you to the Doyama district. Packed with gay bars, clubs, and other venues galore, there’s something...
by Japan Visitor on Jun 28, 2016

Airline to Sponsor San Francisco Pride Parade as Some Groups Withdraw Support

Virgin American sponsors San Francisco Pride Parade, but Black Lives Matter withdraws support because of security measures and large police presence in wake of attack at gay bar in Orlando leaving 49 patrons dead.
by Accidental TravelWriter on Jun 25, 2016

Orange is the New Black season four TV billboards...

Netflix's acclaimed original women's prison dramedy, Orange is the New Black, is back for a fourth season with some 'New blood. New rules' and some renewed pride and hope for many in the skies of L.A.Not only are Taylor Schilling's 'Piper Chapman' an...
by Daily Billboard on Jun 20, 2016


As many people will know in the early hours of Sunday morning on 12th June one lone gunman opened fire in a gay club in Orlando, USA. Unfortunately his rampage took the lives of 49 innocent men and women as well as injuring 50+. After a few hours...
by Simply Hayley on Jun 18, 2016

-Some Are Blaming Christians for the Orlando Attack?

Not only is it politically correct to ignore the Islamist ties to terrorism but some on the left are actually blaming Christians for the Orlando terrorist attack. From the Washington Examiner- “ACLU lawyers blame ‘Christian right,’ GOP...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 16, 2016

The shooting in Orlando – a few very basic thoughts

The SakerFrankly, I did not feel like commenting on this shooting.  Primarily, because I don’t believe that this event deserves the reaction it got.  Yes, sure, 50-100+ innocent people were shot/hurt, but that is more or less what happ...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 16, 2016

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