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The 4th Marvel vs. Capcom game features the PC take on Carol Danvers

The newest video game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series features Carol Danvers, not as Ms. Marvel, but rather, as Captain Marvel, replete with the very costume design the editorial mandates at Marvel thought up out of political correctness. One of the...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 12, 2016

The time when Hasbro wanted to kill Optimus Prime in 1986

Den of Geek has some history on the animated cartoon movie from 1986 starring the Transformers, and how they wanted at the time to "kill off" the Autobots' leader, Optimus Prime, along with several other Autobots and Decepticons, because th...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 17, 2016

Viz Media releasing a Zelda manga collection

Shack News announced that Viz Media's releasing a graphic novel collection of the Legend of Zelda manga adaptations.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 28, 2016

What business did Scott Allie have working on this type of story in Conan?

I found a post by Rachel Edidin on the now defunct Girl Wonder site about one of disgraced Dark Horse editor Scott Allie's earlier efforts, the company's own adaptations of Robert E. Howard's Conan tales. The focus is on issue 12, which was written b...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 20, 2016

A new miniseries pairs GI Joe with Street Fighter

Gamespot reported that IDW's putting out a new miniseries that teams GI Joe's cast with the characters from the Street Fighter video game series.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 16, 2016

A manga adaptation of the Zelda video game

Tech Times reports that a manga story's being produced based on the Legend of Zelda video games, although it appears to be designed for reading on computer screens.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 5, 2016

DC goes the cliched route, launching "gritty" reboot of Hanna-Barbera cartoons

And when Dan DiDio is involved, you know something could be wrong. Entertainment Weekly (via the AV Club) interviewed him about their plans to "reboot" the cartoon products as comics aimed at people who they think never saw them before: [.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 4, 2016

Marvel's own contributors actually voice their dislike of CEO Isaac Perlmutter

An interesting development's come up. Though Perlmutter's made serious mistakes that make him little better in business terms than Marvel's own publishers and editors, now, there's several current contributors to Marvel who're outraged that he's dona...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 2, 2016

Eric Stephenson laments the constant reboots and crossovers coming from the Big Two

Image's publisher has said a few sensible things in an interview with CBR, who've had the decency to let his voice be heard on a serious matter involving business. For example, he addresses the relaunch-at-number-one tactic Marvel's been particularly...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 29, 2016

Smaller publishers earn business through adapting other mediums

CNBC wrote about the success of IDW, Dynamite and Boom Studios, which have made significant gains for independent publishers, though even their sales, much like the majors, pale next to the sales of movies and music: Over the last 10 years, Dynamite...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 25, 2016

Did Marvel really need Star Wars to save themselves in the late 1970s?

That's what IO9's Gizmodo section wants everybody to believe, though I honestly think they're greatly exaggerating: The release of Star Wars in 1977 was an absolute gamechanger, on so many levels—from effects, to toys, and to how expanded universe...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 19, 2015

Ancient manga sold alongside Star Wars products in Japan

Rocket News 24 wrote about how characters from what's considered Japan's most archaic manga, Choju-Jibutsu-Giga, were used as a special promotion alongside Star Wars merchandise.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 10, 2015

How feminists screw up the whole argument about the "slave Leia" outfit in Star Wars

A woman on Breitbart has explained why feminists calling for obliteration of princess Leia's "slave outfit" in the Return of the Jedi miss many points: While understanding words prior to using them has become taboo with the growth of moder...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 4, 2015

Gail Simone puts down older designs as "dated"

Here's an interview with Simone where she defends the alterations made to Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris' outfits by saying it was "never about taking away the sex appeal," which does nothing to alleviate the concerns about politica...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 30, 2015

Is Disney putting an end to "slave Leia" outfits from Star Wars?

Entertainment Weekly's said that J. Scott Campbell informed of the possibility that Disney's upper echelons are banning all marketing of princess Leia Organa in the "slave outfit" seen in Return of the Jedi. But that's not the real problem:...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 5, 2015

The success of Dark Horse

Entertainment Weekly wrote about how Dark Horse is becoming a major success today. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the article, there's a slapdash description of their history: Who says you need superheroes in order to be powerful? Over the past...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Sep 12, 2015

That was the thinking then, but today could be different

If you know where to look, you can find interesting clues to how combined mediums were handled in the past. Some time ago, I read this CSBG entry about Gwen Stacy, and in the comments, I spotted an interesting note about the Spider-Man girlfriend who...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Sep 11, 2015

Child's school bans WW lunchbox because it supposedly represents violence

Here's an odd story of a school that barred a student from bringing a lunchbox with Wonder Woman's picture on it to lessons: A child’s school has banned her lunchbox, because it features the comic book character Wonder Woman. The school sent the...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Aug 27, 2015

Why should we need to get the FF back at this point?

Bleeding Cool wonders when we'll get a Fantastic Four comic back after the newest movie adaptation went down in flames. A better question would be - why do we need a brand new series so long as some of the worst writers like Dan Slott and uninteresti...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Aug 12, 2015

New Lego-Marvel computer game shoehorns propaganda

This is regrettable, but according to this news brief on Paste, a new Lego computer game based on Marvel's products is using a figure based on the Muslim Ms. Marvel: [...] New screenshots reveal the current Ms. Marvel, AKA Kamala Khan, will be in th...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Aug 10, 2015

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