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One Wave at a Time

I can hear your voice on the other side of the phone. Its like some lonesome wave spent from a long voyage crashing unto my shores. I love it when you crash into my world. I love the overwhelming sense of being drenched by you. I love the mysterious...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 20, 2016

My Silences

Don't judge me by my silences. They don't divulge the whole story. There is a story that runs in my mind. I carry it's lines in my thoughts and live its scenes in my life. I am the Macbeth and the Othello. I am also the Romeo in my story. You are om...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 10, 2016

That Pinch of Blue with Grey

Long flights dredges up lost memories from an otherwise sunshiny life. They come from all the corners, steadily, like coyotes, biting away small bits, from my otherwise well preserved sanity. From my childhood, comes echoes of laughter, and playing...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 20, 2016

Tomorrow is just another day

The train that I was on stopped at a small station on route to its destination. There was a sudden silence that fell like a velvet robe across the train. The station was absolutely empty. No guards visible, no vendors, no beggars, no dogs, no drippin...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 8, 2016

Some stories are like that only

I just finished this book. It left me disturbed. All the hours spent lovingly turning the pages came to a naught. There was no poetic justice. The villain was not caught, the hero did not get the heroine. It opened up so many loops that never closed.
by Once In A Lifetime on Jun 21, 2016


I miss many people in my life. I miss the dead but I miss some of the living a lot more. I can see them going about their daily lives, and their everyday lives look just as good without me. I miss a lot of people in my life. Those whom I miss, rarely...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jun 14, 2016

Life on a Metro

The next station is New Delhi. Gates will open on the left. The constant crooning of announcements lull me into a trance. As I consume time and distance, I don't want this ride to end. Everything is so clean. Everything so much in control. Each of us...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jun 9, 2016

The Wanderings of the Soul

No. I am not in a shell. As I grew older, I grew myself layers upon layers of skin. Each time I found a vulnerable corner, I covered it with a cloak of invincibility. As a child, I was lighter, I could fly. Now, I barely hover. Growing up, I used to...
by Once In A Lifetime on May 28, 2016

What We Don't Speak About

The silences between us stretch longer than these desolate island shores. The slow tides of time is eating away into the very ground under our feets, yours and mine. I loved you once, and I keep telling that to myself over and over again, even as I...
by Once In A Lifetime on May 26, 2016

Hope that Springs Eternal

From the dead barks of our yesterday's, hardened with hurt and regret, scrawny with so much of scrounging, and flaky with all this neglect, we can still will for hope to bloom, faith to survive. And then sometimes, like a miracle, from the this stoic...
by Once In A Lifetime on May 23, 2016

Smoke gets into the eyes

There was a betel wine that fondly and fiercely cuddled on to a yellow flower tree in my courtyard. They lived together, with each other, intertwined, for as long as I remember. I will pluck the tender betel leaves for chewing pan, and my grandma...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 29, 2016

A Train Journey to Hyderabad

As the sleeper class coach hurtled on iron rails, I found myself gazing out of the window, the wind catching what remains on my balding head. It was the Bogey's willingness to be lead by the engine that surprised me. It kept pace and hurried behind t...
by Once In A Lifetime on Feb 7, 2016

Long Train Journeys

Long train journeys make me sad. The gentle lyre that plays some sad Chinese melody in the background of our everyday lives, suddenly comes afore. The notes from their pathos drown me. As in a trance, I find myself staring at concrete sleepers and ir...
by Once In A Lifetime on Dec 24, 2015

In the Heart of Silence

Every once in a long while, I fall silent in midst of a roaring relationship. I wait for the clutter of last night chatter to subside and the noise from everyday thoughts to settle down, and then I watch how my withdrawing affects the relationship. M...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 24, 2015

Back to the Sea

I have never seen an ocean. I don't know anyone who has seen one. Growing up by the Ganges, I was in awe with the angry river that overflowed every year. I looked at Baccha uncle's marooned steamer and imagined the ghosts that lived within its iron s...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 10, 2015

So said the Sea

I see the vastness of these oceans and I look at my bare foot legs, wet with the oceans longing for me. Not that I waded into these waters deliberately, not that I heard it's call and responded as in a dream. These waters came searching for me. As t...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 11, 2015

The smoothness on rock faces

What happens when waterfalls dry up? She asked me one day. The steady deluge turns into a drip and then down below, it leaves muddy memories from the time when all was well. The parched rocks smolder and dries up the last memories of the water that...
by Once In A Lifetime on May 29, 2015

Good Byes

The silences that fall over oceans Once the Ships that set sail Reach their shores. The darkness that fall over walls And curtains of a theatre Once the play is done. The feeling of that full stop Which placed right at the end foretells The End.
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 25, 2015

Crazy Poets

Who is your best friend? I What do you mean I? Indu? No. Just I . Don't be crazy. Everyone has a best friend. Someone with whom you can share all your secrets, all your pains. Someone with whom you would love to walk into the sunset. Someone with who...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 25, 2015


Every time I am with her, I am reminded of a Neruda: "I loved her, and sometimes, she loved me too." Every now and then, from the random chaos of everyday living rises a warped relationship that is funny and entropic. I love her, and somet...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 18, 2015

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