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Join The #Blessed Project!

It’s been a Wild month and the holidays are upon us. How did that happen? It can be hard to switch gears from stressed-out to happy guest or entertainer. Compounded by worry and lack of sleep, our usual energy may be zapped. We may feel far from bl...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Nov 22, 2016

Spotlight Celebrates Christmas 2016 with Six Decorator Color Palates

Among many holidays that are listed on the calendar, I have to say Christmas is the one that I truly look forward to. The lights, the decorations, the gift giving, the food and of course the merriment  of season. So we decided to help you get an...
by Small N' Hot on Sep 5, 2016

Shopping Online Murah Hanya di EZBUY

Assalamualaikum Siapa kat sini yang suka-suka sangat shopping secara online.Aku tau rata-rata ramai pengguna lebih suka memilih untuk shopping online.Salah satu sebabnya mudah dan tak perlu ke luar ambil masa untuk beratur nak membayar kan. Den...
by kisah si dairy on Sep 4, 2016

1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON Technology, The Lens That Changes Everything

Being a contact lens wearer, I always have the problem of dry eyes or the contact lens doesn't seem to be in place. And will be consistently putting eye drops to keep my eyes moisturized and hydrated. With that in mind, ACUVUE is here to introduce th...
by Small N' Hot on Sep 4, 2016

August In Pictures

Have a look at Dirty Pink City's adventures in August 2016!
by Dirty Pink City on Sep 4, 2016

Cermin Mata murah di Pasir Gudang

Assalamualaikum Masa ke pusat bandar hari tu,tujuannya untuk membeli cermin mata baru.Ada aku ceritakan di entry Jalan-Jalan Cuti Merdeka.Mana yang terlepas tu,boleh la baca kat sini ye...Tu pun kalau korang sudi baca cerita kita ni. Oklah,se...
by kisah si dairy on Sep 1, 2016

Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen 2016

Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen pageant is back again and it promises to be bigger and better, the event founded in 1988 has grow over the years and now has participants form over 100 countries, Its focus this year on beauty intelligence and social...
by Small N' Hot on Sep 1, 2016

How to Shop at Taobao with SG Shop (Step by Step)

If you love shopping especially online shopping and crave those discounts, you most definitely have heard of Taobao, one of the largest e-commerce websites in world. With that in mind, you'll also know the hassle of buying products from it, where you...
by Small N' Hot on Aug 31, 2016

Plaid Shirtdress 2-Ways

Plaid is one of the staples in my closet every fall and winter. If you’re looking for versatile investment into the world of plaid, a shirt-dress should be on your list this season. I’ve had this shirtdress since last season, but I’...
by Cashmere & Camo on Aug 29, 2016

Dapat hadiah lagi la Kita

Assalamualaikum Lama dah tak cerita pasal hadiah-hadiah yang aku dapat hasil berblog,join giveaway dan segmen..Walaupun korang tak berapa kisah,tapi aku kisah..hahaha.. Sejujurnya,memang seronok jadi blogger ni.Dapat review barang,dapat meras...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 25, 2016

Newcomer Irinami Astounds With Debut Music Video

A fresh new face on the Cape Town music scene, self-taught songwriter and producer Irinami just launched the music video to her debut single, 'Hold Tight', which dropped in March and is already enjoying airtime on national radio station 5FM.
by Dirty Pink City on Aug 24, 2016


Oktoberfest is the world`s largest beer festival, celebrated annually in Munich, Germany. Today other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations that are modelled on the original Munich event. Here in South Africa, one of the most inc...
by Dirty Pink City on Aug 24, 2016

Fall Fringe

Fringe Cardigan | Knit Skirt-Similar | Fringe Booties I’ve been asked a few times over the course of the blog if I actually wear the outfits I post, or is it just for a photo shoot before I change back into sweats for the day?  Unfor...
by Cashmere & Camo on Aug 23, 2016

Alat Keselamatan Untuk Anak Anda dirumah dari Lunavie

Assalamualaikum Bila cerita pasal keselamatan anak-anak kita di dalam rumah,of courselah kita kekadang tak sedar,apa yang perlu kita buat untuk memastikan mereka sentiasa selamat. Apa benda yang tak selamat dari anak kita ketika mereka ada di r...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 22, 2016


After a winter hiatus, this September the Neighbourgoods Night Market will re-open on the 1st. Not only did we revamp the market space to bring you a brand new experience, this month we are also celebrating our 4th birthday. Come and experience the c...
by Dirty Pink City on Aug 22, 2016


Assalamualaikum Tak habis lagi ni nak cerita pasal produk dari Ecowell yang awesome ni.Yelah dalam satu kit ni mengandungi 5 benda yang sangat mudah korang bawa apabila korang pergi bercuti  Antaranya : Body lotion Shower Gel Hair Conditi...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 18, 2016

Hasilkan Gambar mengikut Trend Terbaru dari We Print

Assalamualaikum Dari simpan gambar dalam handphone kan,baiklah kita print gambar tu dan letak dalam album.Mana lah tau kalau letak je dalam phone,terdelete tetiba,hah..mau nangis sehari semalam. Gambar kenangan ni,memang patut kita print dan si...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 18, 2016

Transitioning Neutrals

Gentle Fawn Blouse | White Denim | Fringe Heels | Saddle Cross-body  If there is a trend for me every fall, it’s that I love to carry over my neutrals from summer. White after Labour Day? Yes Definitely! I think it’s an ea...
by Cashmere & Camo on Aug 15, 2016

Shower Gel Dari Ecowell 's Bath Series travel set

Assalamualaikum Rasa nak lama-lama je mandi kat dalam bilik air ni.Apa taknya Shower Gel dari Ecowell's Bath series Travel set ni tersangatlah best.Sedikit je letak,buih dah banyak.Didatangkan juga dengan sponge ,emmm..bertambahlah buih-buih tu..S...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 11, 2016

Formula One (F1) Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Launch 2016

Hey guys, are you ready for the 2016 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix ? This yearly four-wheel championship will be hitting the Sepang International Circuit on the 30 September 2016 to 2 October 2016. And this year there'll be much more fun and...
by Small N' Hot on Aug 10, 2016

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