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Princess Melody - Princess Perfume Rose~ (プリンセス香水Rose)

Princess Perfume Rose Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Perfume Rose Candy Skirt~WhiteBlackPrincess Perfume Rose Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Bolero~Baby Pink | WhiteHot Pink | BlackPrincess Pearl Sandals~Baby Pink | Whi...
by Himenannie on May 3, 2016

Princess Melody - Tiara Rose (ティアラRose)

Tiara Rose Dress~Tiara Rose Skirt~ Chiffon top~Princess Knit Hoodie~Tiara Rose Lady Dress~ (all pictures from, I have fall in love with this new collection from Princess Melody.Especially the first dress! I will get my han...
by Himenannie on Mar 1, 2016

Princess Melody - Cinderella Rose (シンデレラローズ)

(pictures from Rose (シンデレラローズ)New collection from Princess Melody!I really like the new collection from PM.Want to have both the dress and skirt in both colors ^^ I really like the black hat too.Hopefully I wil...
by Himenannie on Nov 18, 2015

MA*RS 25th Anniversary~

(pictures from do you think about MA*RS 25th Anniversary collection?I like both dresses and I really like that they made dresses for childs too ^_^(I wish I had a little child so I could buy the dresses for her)Hope I will get my ha...
by Himenannie on Oct 25, 2015

Princess Melody - Sugar Cookie (シュガークッキー)

It was a long time ago I posted blogpost like these so I think it's time again(?)I'm really in love with the brand Princess Melody as you already know.I own six garments from Princess Melody.. or more? ^__^Sugar Cookie シュガークッキー is one...
by Himenannie on Aug 31, 2015

Princess Melody♥ - New Arrival~ (Dream dresses)

It have come two new dresses from Princess Melody. I want them both. My new dream dresses~!And also two new hair bows~ I just need them in my life~!!
by Himenannie on Dec 21, 2013

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