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Searching Algorithms Linear, Binary in Python

Two of the basic search algorithms are Linear search and Binary search. Linear search is very straight in it’s implementation. On the other hand, binary search is something which tries to reduce the time complexity of searching for any give ...
by letus program on Jan 10, 2016

Linear search program in Java

Linear search is one of the basic searching techniques used in programming. There are many other advanced techniques for searching, but to learn about searching we shoudl start with linear search. This technique is simple to learn, among all the R...
by letus program on Apr 13, 2015

Linear Search Program in C

In this tutorial we shall try to make a program for Linear Search.Linear Search is the basic and easiest searching method and is for junior programmers.The steps involved in searching a number using Linear Search algorithm is: Method 1.Get the data f...
by letus program on Nov 15, 2013

Linear Search Program in C++

In this tutorial we shall learn about searching elements present in the array.Generally two methods are being followed for searching.Those are: 1.Linear searching2.Binary searching .In this tutorial we shall learn about Linear searching. Method: 1.Ge...
by letus program on Nov 4, 2013

WAP of Linear Search in C++

/*WAP of Linear Search in C++*/ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class linearSearch { int size, a[100],item; public: void setData(); void searchItem(); }; void linearSearch :: setData() { int i; cout > size; cout a[i];...
by codezworld on Mar 29, 2012

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