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Great women reformers of India: Savitri Phule, Fatima Sheikh who opened India's first girls' school in 1848

Savitri Phule and Fatima Sheikh had set up the first school for girls in India.That was in the year 1848. The school was opened in the house of Fatima & her brother Usmain Sheikh.In an era when the orthodox called it a 'sin' and were against educ...
by Indian Muslims' Blog on Sep 5, 2016

National Heroes: Who are the real icons, makers whose actions and thought shaped modern India?

LIST OF GREATEST INDIANS. WHOM YOU'LL ADD? By Indscribe If you are asked about personalities who made biggest contribution for this country, certain names would instantly come to your mind. As we/ve got independence just over six decades back, n...
by Indian Muslims' Blog on Jan 15, 2013

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