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Will it smell when Netherland Dwarf Rabbit's pee on the carpet?

It doesn't matter what kind of animals you have as a pet, littering will always become one of the most common problem among pet owner. This same problem also occur among owner of Netherland dwarf rabbit.As a pet owner, we always want to let our pet p...
by Netherland Dwarf Rabbits on May 24, 2012

Why does your Netherland dwarf rabbit sleep in his litter box?

Sometime it is hard to understand Netherland dwarf rabbit behavior, especially when it come to litter training your rabbit. You have tried everything to make it litter box the best place for it to litter including putting the litter box at the corner...
by Netherland Dwarf Rabbits on May 23, 2012

Can A Pet Be Right For Your Family

For many of us, pets happen to be an important part of our families, and could not imagine not having pets. Animals can be wonderful, however they must match your family. So if you are pondering adding a pet in your household, use the information bel...
by Fabian Davila on Mar 9, 2011

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