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Maui's Makena State Beach: A Big and Little deal

Makena State Park, south of Kihei-Wailea draws hoards of visitors, without ever managing to seem crowded. There's plenty of elbow room in the safe near-shore waters, if you don't mind being joined by schools of tropical fish and the occasional sea tu...
by Hawaii Photo Bank on May 28, 2016

Caramelized Banana Rum Bread with Macadamia Crumb Topping and the White Supremacists.

I wasn’t expecting to see that sort of person on the beach, but as I turned over on my beach towel, the man and his girlfriend came into view and I could see his back tattoo. It was large, filling his entire back, with gothic looking letters. The t...
by Eat the Love on Aug 29, 2011

Rum Soaked Tropical Fruit Oatmeal Cookies and hanging out at Little Beach in Maui

AJ and I spent most of the first week of our time in Maui on the beach. Specifically a beach nicknamed “Little Beach” – over the rock on the north side of Big Beach. As it’s name implies, it’s a small little beach, removed from the typical...
by Eat the Love on Aug 4, 2011

Little Beach Ocean Motion

This was a six image stitch blended with PTGui.  Shot with my Canon 17-40mm f4 and Manfrotto 303SPH. Andrew Halsall was standing right next to me when I took this…talk about pressure to get it right! If you use PTGui there are a few little hin...
by Leigh Diprose on Apr 13, 2011

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay

by Leigh Diprose on Mar 3, 2011

The world’s greatest nudist beaches

by Exciting Travels on Apr 26, 2010

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