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How Japan Killed my Vegetarianism

by Japanese Rule of 7 on Dec 10, 2016

Renting an Apartment in Japan

I recently moved to a new apartment, my sixth since coming to Japan, and I couldn’t be happier. My first place left a wee bit to be desired, consisting of a dreary, small box with alternating views of a machine shop and a cinder-block wall. Wel...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on May 14, 2016

7 Rules for Karaoke in Japan

If you happen to find yourself in Tokyo, then Shibuya’s a great place to start an evening. So we were there at Starbucks, just Aki and me slamming back steaming black grandes and Hitomi sipping some kind of whipped cream desert marketed to her as a...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Mar 20, 2016

What Japanese Girls Want

Mei’s the girlfriend you’d love to have but can’t, because my buddy Yuki got her first. She’s got big eyes, enormous boobs, long brown hair curled into ringlets, and an ass that’ll make you reevaluate your life. When Mei wea...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Feb 14, 2016

Japan’s a Scam

I was drinking with Sandy in the park recently. It was dark and naturally we were on the swing set. “I’ll just never be happy here,” she said. “Congratulations,” I replied, “you’re finally Japanese. Here, have a chu-hi. It’s got real...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Jan 9, 2016

Making Friends in Japan

People say Japan’s a lonely place. But people say a lot of things, including that America’s the greatest nation on earth. Well, they do have a lot of eagles, cheeseburgers, and guns, so I guess it must be true. Anyway, recently a reader asked if...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Dec 5, 2015

Tokyo Salaries: All You Need to Know

Japan’s not expensive—let’s just sweep that 1980’s-era myth right under the rug. Still, if you want to be a baller in one of the world most amazing cities (i.e. Tokyo), you might want to rethink your grand scheme of selling authentic Chin...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Nov 5, 2015

Going to a Japanese Dentist

  I’m probably the only person in the world who enjoys going to the dentist. But you know, between running for trains, dashing to the bathroom between English lessons, and constantly being pressured to sing Bowie at karaoke, it’s the...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Oct 13, 2015

Taking a Japanese Name

Living in Japan long enough will make you mental. I’m pretty sure I can convince you of this. But let’s back up, to when I lived in the U.S. There, I dated a Taiwanese gal named Amy. She had long black hair, an incredibly tight body, and loved ka...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Sep 12, 2015

What’s Japan Like?

This is partly the tale of three Japanese women. Erika Lives in Hokkaido In the winter, she walks to the station past mountains of snow piled higher than her head, but she can usually get a seat on the train, and her apartment’s nice and warm,...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Sep 2, 2015

Avoiding Meltdown in Japan

Self-improvement is one of my long-standing goals. You know, striving to be a better human being and all, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Basically like Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, only without the scary eyes, and slightly more muscular.
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Aug 26, 2015

Why Japanese People Lie

A reader named Furansujin recently described his stay with a Japanese host family: “They showed complete hysteria when I told them I loved curry or could eat takoyaki . . . the only reason i can think of for so many grins, laughs, and exclamations...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Aug 14, 2015

Going to Alcoholics Anonymous in Japan

There’s only two things you need to know about being an alcoholic in Japan. The first is why you’ll become one, and the second is how to cure your pickled ass. Fortunately for you, Ken Seeroi has already been there and back, so you’re cover...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Jun 19, 2015

Life and Death in Japan

I woke up, and a beautiful geisha was serving me tea. Ah, every day should be like this. “Here is tea,” she said in a dream-like Japanese voice. “Here is Ken Seeroi,” I replied, “nice to meet you. “You’ll like it. Just try a little. “...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Apr 15, 2015

Going to a Japanese Hospital

Death is coming for us all. Not to worry though, because I plan to upload myself to iCloud in anticipation of my eventual robot body. Then we’ll see who has abs of steel. Heh, you can keep your reverse crunches. In the meantime, since I still need...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Mar 14, 2015

Why are Japanese so Skinny?

The crazy thing about working in a Japanese office is that, while knowing absolutely nothing substantial about your co-workers, you can observe their habits intimately. But maybe that’s any office, actually. I mean, when I worked in the U.S., there...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Feb 27, 2015

Crime in Japan

You never know what the day will bring—that’s the exciting thing about waking up. So this morning, just as I was heading out for a fresh can of coffee at the corner 7-11, I noticed somebody’d pasted a scary Japanese note to the windshield of my...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Dec 29, 2014

One Japanese Book You Must Read

You should think twice about taking any advice Ken Seeroi has got to give. I mean, who’d listen to a guy who ditched a decent life in a first-world country for a freezing, tiny apartment, sleeping on the floor, and eating rice with sticks? Well, it...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Dec 6, 2014

The Easiest Japanese Food

Every once in a while, I discover something in Japan so amazing that I’m compelled to share it with the world. Fortunately, that feeling passes after a few beers, so I don’t actually have to do any work, which I’m allergic to. I’m pretty sure...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Nov 2, 2014

Fantasy Japan

2004, now that was a great year. It was the Golden Age of Japan. I was on my seventh trip here, crisscrossing the nation by high-speed shinkansen in search of small, traditional restaurants, ancient temples, and women with long black hair and short s...
by Japanese Rule of 7 on Sep 27, 2014

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