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Skeletal Girl Must Eat Every 15 Minutes

Women always wish to have slim body but too thin is also a big problem…American girl Lizzie Velasquez, who suffers from a rare medical condition, has a skeletal frame even though she must eat every 15 minutes. Lizzie Velasquez is an Austin, Tex...
by Funky Downtown on Mar 22, 2012

U.S. Female Student weighs only 25 kg

Lizzie Velasquez,Texas State University’s student, 1.57 meters tall and weighs only 25 kg, almost zero body fat. But she did not suffer from anorexia, there’s only three similar cases of this rare symptom in the world, Ritz always eat 6...
by Amazing Data on Dec 25, 2010

Meet Lizzie Beautiful

I was deeply touched by a story I saw about an amazing young woman called Lizzie Velasquez on the Sunday program last weekend.  It reminded me in many ways of another beautiful woman, Katie Piper, who brings me to tears every time...
by Beautiful You on Aug 23, 2010

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