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What Are Japanese Oil and Gas Companies Thinking About?

  If you’re an oil and gas company in an energy-poor but highly industrialised nation in mid 2015 with oil and gas prices in the doldrums, what are you thinking about? I spent two weeks in Japan recently on a tour of major Japanese oil and gas...
by Fuel Up! on Sep 13, 2015

Episode 18 – Productivity In the New Era (PINE)

  On August 27, 2015, I presented to the SEAAOC conference in Darwin on how the oil and gas industry might go about improving productivity. I recorded my remarks for this podcast. You can also find the slide presentation at Just...
by Fuel Up! on Sep 8, 2015

Episode 16 – 5 Questions Boards of #LNG Companies Should Be Asking

by Fuel Up! on Aug 26, 2015

What’s Inside an LNG Purchase Agreement?

One aspect of the LNG industry to which few of us will be exposed is the purchase and sale agreements for LNG cargos. These contracts drive the revenue stream for LNG projects, yet they are shrouded in a bit of mystery. I’ve had occasion to see...
by Fuel Up! on Aug 23, 2015

Episode 15 – How to Bend Your Red Tape Growth Curve?

There’s been a steady stream of voices in Australia’s gas industry asking for relief from the country’s imposing volume of rules and regulations. The industry is drowning in red tape and it’s choking off investment in the gas...
by Fuel Up! on Aug 20, 2015

India’s LNG Sector Poised for Growth

India, with its billion people, is usually looked upon as another very promising LNG marketplace. But is it? This week’s blog post is by Lamaan Hamid, one of my LNG colleagues in Calgary, in which he explores India’s LNG situation.  ...
by Fuel Up! on Aug 16, 2015

LNG Demand, Supply and Australia’s Unconventionals

  The world of LNG is having one of its occasional bouts of uncertainty, which was the subject of a presentation I recently gave to the DUG Conference in Brisbane. DUG stands for Developing Unconventional Gas, and is a forum devoted specifically...
by Fuel Up! on Aug 2, 2015

Queensland’s #LNG Industry in 1500 Words

    Is it possible to distill Queensland’s LNG industry into a short 1500 word synopsis? That was the challenge posed to me recently, and here’s what I came up with. If you want the plot in a nice tight summary, look no further.
by Fuel Up! on Jul 26, 2015

Episode 12: Is It Time For An Australian CRINE Wave?

The oil and gas world has not seen such a steep and prolonged price downturn for many years. Explorers and producers are carrying out the usual playbook in tackling their cost and productivity issues. Layoffs, capital project deferral, supply ch...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 22, 2015

How #LNG Changes Australia’s Place In The World

    Is Australia’s place in the world changing, now that we’re becoming a big-time energy exporter? We’ve always been a serious force in the coal export world, but gas is different. Not only is it necessary for survival in...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 19, 2015

Episode 11 – Speech to Gladstone Engineering Alliance

  I was invited to present my ideas on possible futures for Gladstone Queensland, now that the LNG industry is coming to full fruition. The existing installed base of infrastructure, the changing ownership of the pipelines and a state government...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 14, 2015

Where Is Australia On The Oil and Gas Trend Line?

  Are you wondering how the big and sweeping trends in the global oil and gas industry come home to roost in Australia? Deloitte recently published its annual review of the global sector (full disclosure: I was one of several interviewed for the...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 12, 2015

5 Questions Boards of LNG Companies Should Be Asking

What are the five key questions that Boards of LNG companies should be asking themselves today? The world of LNG has turned upside down in the past 12 months, so the questions must surely be different than those asked in mid 2014. Here’s what I...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 5, 2015

Episode 9 – Finding Opportunity in The Gas Industry Wreakage

The oil and gas industry is a tough place to find any growth opportunities, but they are there if you look for them. I presented to the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Brisbane on this subject, sharing eight growth opportunities for those who thin...
by Fuel Up! on Jun 30, 2015

How To Bend Your Red Tape Growth Curve

  There’s been a steady chorus of voices in the gas industry for the past 2 years asking for relief from state-imposed rules and regulations. We’re drowning in red tape, they say, and it’s killing off investment and growth. But...
by Fuel Up! on Jun 28, 2015

Eight Business Opportunities in The (Subdued) LNG Industry

  Wondering where to look for opportunities in the subdued Australian LNG industry? Look no further. Here’s my reasoning why there’s still opportunities out there, and my list of the eight best growth prospects in gas, LNG and servic...
by Fuel Up! on Jun 21, 2015

How OPEC’s Latest Impacts the Gas Sector

  What does it mean for the global gas industry (ie, LNG trade), now that OPEC has decided to maintain (and increase) its production levels and allow oil markets to rebalance? All things being equal, oil prices will stay depressed for at least a...
by Fuel Up! on Jun 14, 2015

How To Build A Stronger Gladstone

  What could Gladstone become, now that the new LNG plants are quickly nearing completion, moving into operations and joining the throng of established businesses? Is “Gateway to Asia” still the right branding? How can Gladstone trig...
by Fuel Up! on May 31, 2015

Seven Essential Lessons from APPEA 2015

APPEA 2015 was such a blast! Tradeshow, speeches, journalism, politics, networking, innovation. It’s all there. But not everyone can make it to the biggest and best oil and gas gathering in the Southern Hemisphere. For those of you who missed i...
by Fuel Up! on May 24, 2015

The Top 10 HR Issues Facing Aussie LNG

  Australia’s LNG industry is wrestling with some of the most intractable challenges anywhere in human capital management. We’re making progress, but we have a long way to go. Here’s what I see as the top 10 human resources iss...
by Fuel Up! on May 17, 2015

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