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Max Gardner’s Consumer Defense Academy: Latest in Loss Mitigation – March 19th, Portland

Learn the most up-to-date loss mitigation & legal strategies, based on new state & federal statutes that have dramatically changed the playing field.
by Mandelman Matters on Mar 2, 2016

California No Longer Foreclosure Kingpin? Playing with the data… again.

The headline in the OC Register about California no longer being the foreclosure kingpin is just flat out misleading.
by Mandelman Matters on Feb 5, 2016

California Supreme Court Ruling is an Important Win for Homeowners

California's Supreme Court has ruled... assuming a purchase money mortgage, homeowners don’t have to worry about deficiency judgments regardless of whether foreclosure or short sale.
by Mandelman Matters on Feb 3, 2016

SIGTARP Report Says 70% Denied for HAMP Loan Modifications – What’s Going On Here?

It’s unconscionable that the loan modification process be allowed to go on as is. The latest SIGTARP Report to Congress makes it clear that servicers need to be made better, or it is likely that HAMP will be with us not just for years, but for dec...
by Mandelman Matters on Sep 10, 2015

Getting a Mortgage Modified Today – A Real Life Case Study in Crazy

The foreclosure crisis is not getting better, as many would have you believe… in fact, it’s getting worse once again… as its done many times over the last 6 years.
by Mandelman Matters on Jun 22, 2015

Foreclosures are UP and Back in the Headlines Again

RealtyTrac just reported that, “bank repossessions hit a 27-month high in April at 45,168, up 50% from a year earlier.” Uh oh... that doesn't sound like it's over, does it?
by Mandelman Matters on Jun 9, 2015

Wells Fargo is Evicting a 72 Year-old Woman with Advanced Alzheimer’s – Will you try to help stop this from happening?

I don’t know why the bank wants to evict a 72 year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer’s. I don’t know why there aren’t laws to prevent such a thing from happening.
by Mandelman Matters on Apr 24, 2015

RealtyTrac: Land mines threaten housing recovery, could trigger surge in defaults.

RealtyTrac has been telling the country about housing recovery and that there’s no bad time to buy a home… now they sound a lot like Mandelman Matters.
by Mandelman Matters on Nov 9, 2014

California Homeowner Loses $16.2 Million Awarded by Jury

What’s the worst case for Mr. Linza at this point? His loan was around $240,000 plus the arrearages, which I suppose could amount to six figures… but still. He can’t be more than $158,000 behind, right? So, assuming that’s true, then worst ca...
by Mandelman Matters on Oct 29, 2014

Do Loan Modifications Actually Work?

Loan modifications are a popular option most homeowners turn to when they are struggling with mortgage payments. It isn’t a secret however that it hasn’t worked as well as we hoped. The idea of “modifying” your current loan to create a more a...
by Seattle Short Sale Blog on Apr 8, 2013

How to Work Through $150,000 in Student Loan Debt

In a recent article, I wrote about a former student who was struggling with more than $100,000 of student loan debt. He’s not the only one. About two hours after...
by Download Series on Apr 1, 2013

Choose Your Option: Short Sale vs Loan Mod vs Refinance

by Seattle Short Sale Blog on Mar 18, 2013

What Is One Vital Step Every Struggling Homeowner Should Take ASAP? Contact a HUD Counselor.

We, at Seattleshortsaleblog, endorse HUD counseling services and believe it is an essential part of acquiring help pre or post delinquent payments. If you are struggling to make payments, we recommend contacting a housing counselor who not only is 10...
by Seattle Short Sale Blog on Feb 20, 2012

Foreclosure Fairness Act of 2011 – Am I Able To Speak Directly With My Lender?

Federal aid has offered various programs via Making Home Affordable (MHA) to help American citizens all across our nation who are struggling through the recession. Although it has been helpful, foreclosures are still increasing leaving many in diffic...
by Seattle Short Sale Blog on Jan 30, 2012

Loan Modification: An overview

Loan modification is the process of permanently changing one or more terms and conditions in the home loan so that the new modified loan is affordable to the debtor. Let’s discuss few basic characteristics of Loan modification which will open up yo...
by Financial Store Online on Apr 26, 2010

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