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When someone says I'll find a job someday

by #reasonswhyidonthaveajob on Aug 21, 2013

When Im asked for my biggest strength

by #reasonswhyidonthaveajob on Aug 14, 2013

A few minutes into an interview

by #reasonswhyidonthaveajob on Aug 12, 2013

Rotina Tensa!

Olá! O Rotina Tensa esta estreando um layout novo! Aparentemente mais bonito e mais rápido XDNa verdade ainda falta uma coisinha ou outra...De qualquer modo o post é para agradecer a todos os envolvidos! Obrigado pela ajuda e é isso ae! Estamos r...
by Rotina Tensa on Aug 8, 2013

Another Reason to Love Shark Week

I couldn't keep this to myself & I obviously couldn't wait to share. I feel like I'd be doing you a  HUGE disservice by withholding this any longer than I absolutely had to. I gave you the best part of the story but if you need to read...
by The White Lies & Promises on Aug 7, 2013

When someone tells me how hard it was for them to find a job

by #reasonswhyidonthaveajob on Aug 6, 2013

When a company says they dont have an job openings

by #reasonswhyidonthaveajob on Jul 30, 2013

Poço Dos Desejos

Quem diria que funcionaria!!
by Memes da Net on Jul 30, 2013

Best Way To Pop Bubble Wrap – On A Bubble Wrap Bicycle

Who can resist popping bubble wrap? Comedian Eric Buss certainly can’t and he has taken it one step further by creating one of the most satisfying ways to pop bubble wrap. His invention is called the bubble wrap bicycle and you see it in action...
by Daily News Dig on Jul 29, 2013

That look funny gif

by GIFsRC on Jul 8, 2013

Por que????

by Rotina Tensa on Jul 3, 2013

Alguma Coisa Estranha Com o Filho

Agora tudo faz sentido!!!
by Memes da Net on Jun 17, 2013

Assim você me mata

by Rotina Tensa on Jun 10, 2013

Melhor Carrinho De Bebê Do Mundo

Já pensou sair com seu filho e você se divertir ainda por cima!!
by Memes da Net on May 22, 2013

Things to Make you go LOL. Literally.

Just like jimmies being rustled there's been a huge amount of LOL worthy links, pics and posts this week so it's been a battle to cut them down to five but I've managed!  This lot have had me in convulsions this week, they're mostly vids but...
by CherrySue Doin' the Do on May 16, 2013


by happyminutes on Apr 27, 2013

Get outa town

by Best humor and meme on Apr 13, 2013

Sometimes parents just…

by Best humor and meme on Apr 12, 2013

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