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These Apple Watch Apps Can Help you Get Around

Finding your way around in any city can be a daunting experience, especially if you are a visitor. I live in London and if I go to Edinburgh in Scotland I get lost. No one is a human map and it’s impossible to know every single road in your cit...
by AppWatchWear on Aug 16, 2016

Bela Bartok Statue in Onslow Square

A life-size statue of the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok (1881-1945) stands in Onslow Square a short walk from South Kensington underground stationin London. The bronze statue on a granite base is the work of Hungarian sculptor, Imre Varga.Bartok vis...
by Devon Visitor on Jul 11, 2016

The Usual London Pictures- Gazillion Plus One Times

There are quite a few London pictures that must have been clicked a gazillion times. Well here is a post making it gazillion plus one! You know all the sights, You must have seen them a million times already, I invite you to view them one more time,...
by Travel Tales from India on Jun 30, 2016

The Isle of Wight Island Line

Real life has got a bit in the way of writing about our trip to the Isle of Wight last month, but there’s still plenty more to share with you. My inner train geek has wanted to go to the Isle of Wight for years for the simple reason of wanting...
by Being Mrs C on May 24, 2016

Do Giant Rats Plague London’s Underground?

The Truth About London’s Rodents Are Londoners really never more than 6 feet away from a rat? Discover the truth behind the population of rats in relation to humans in the UK. A shocking image of a giant rat that was supposedly found on the London...
by Moving to London on Mar 16, 2016


Hello again – oh don’t have a go – if you haven’t worked out that I'm extremely unreliable on the posting front by now, then you are beyond help! :-)Let’s face it, I'm a bit crap.None the less, every now and again something pops into my min...
by Glen's Life on Dec 1, 2015

London on a Budget!

Being such an expensive city, travelers are always looking for ways to save money while in London. The strength of the Pound mandates that tourists must look for ways to stretch their dollar, and make every penny count. Here are some helpful tourist...
by Ed Unloaded on Aug 18, 2015

Natalie Bennett's message of solidarity to tube and rail strikers

-->  Last year's strike noticeGreen Party leader Natalie Bennett has expressed support for the rail and Tube strikes. The Rail and Maritime Transport union have begun a three-day walkout after a dispute with First Great Western over job...
by wembleymatters on Jul 9, 2015

Banker Openly Snorts Cocaine on Subway and Asks Passengers if They Want Any

The video clip, obtained by The Sun, shows the suited businessman, believed to be a finance worker, openly pulling out a large packet of the Class A drug on a carriage.

5 modes of transport, 3 boys, 1 brilliant day

A day out in London riding the Underground? Military campaigns have been planned in less detail than this […]...
by Slouching towards Thatcham on Apr 9, 2015

The Detailed Map Of London Underground Zones Pictures

London is a big city and Beautiful City, the City of London is the capital of the UK. The London Underground (also accepted as the Tube or artlessly the Underground) is a accessible accelerated alteration arrangement confined a ample allotment of G...
by Map of England Cities on Dec 31, 2014

If it don't make you dance - it ain't music

My eyes are closed.My feet are tapping.My head is nodding.A smile spreads warmly across my face as my mouth fails to prevent the occasional word from the chorus leaking out.I'm jolted sideways.My eyes open. What they see stifles my feet, stills my he...
by Glen's Life on Nov 18, 2014

Heathrow Terminals 1 2 3

For many visitors to London and Britain, Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3 Station will be the first time they ride the London Underground (Tube) into central London.This is the station to buy your Oyster Card for travel on London's buses, tube and overgrou...
by Devon Visitor on Oct 15, 2014

Next stop: the future! The new London Underground trains look like spaceships!

London Underground will have new seals in the coming years. The trains were designed by studio PriestManGoode and look like spaceships. Called “New Tube for London”, the new trimmings have double doors and wide, Wi Fi and air conditioning...
by BriefLondon on Oct 14, 2014

Why live in leafy Richmond?

Located in southwest London, Richmond is a wonderfully leafy suburban town. Characterised by acres of greenery and the River Thames running through, it is a great place to consider when thinking about where to live in London, particularly if you wish...
by Moving to London on Jun 24, 2014

England: June 18 – 28; June 30 – July 4, 2011

St. Albans & London & Oxford & Lake District & Grasmere & Alnwick & Windsor The London Underground is never late Shakespeare Globe Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing - buy a standing ticket and experience it like most people wo...
by Travelling With YeoMomma on Mar 30, 2014

Abandoned subway stations in Paris could become tourist attractions

It is possible that in the near future those visiting Paris to have the opportunity to enjoy the lights and not only its beauty, but also places that will enrich the underground city. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, candidate for mayor, announced in earl...
by We Know Travel on Feb 14, 2014

Bob Crow debates Boris Johnson over impending tube strike

The post Bob Crow debates Boris Johnson over impending tube strike appeared on Socialist Unity.
by Socialist Unity on Feb 4, 2014

Bob Crow debates Boris Johnson over impending tube strike

The post Bob Crow debates Boris Johnson over impending tube strike appeared on Socialist Unity.
by Socialist Unity on Feb 4, 2014

How to avoid being separated on the tube

We’re thrilled to hear that the Romanian tourist, Vasile Belea (aged 63) has been reunited with his family 3 days after becoming separated from them at Stockwell tube station. His son boarded the train, but the doors shut behind him before Vasi...
by Moving to London on Jan 20, 2014

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