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Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 5

10 of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress.
by Nooru's Blog on Sep 24, 2014

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 4

10 of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress.

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 4

10 of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress.
by Junaidi FE-UNJA1 on Sep 3, 2014

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 3

10 of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress.

Philosopher Fridays: Hegel, Part One

Philosopher Fridays is a series in which I highlight some small aspect of a philosopher’s work who influenced my thinking – for good or ill. These posts are meant by no means to be comprehensive portrayals of major canonical figures. HEG...
by Stories & Soliloquies on Aug 1, 2014

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 2

Here’s the second edition of Longreads’ Best of WordPress! We’ve combed through the internet to put together a reading list of some of the best storytelling being published on WordPress. (You can find Vol. 1 here.) As a reminder: If you rea...
by GĐPT Thiện Hoa 3 on Jul 23, 2014

Themes for Longform Writers

A sampling of themes for bloggers writing #longreads, authors publishing material, and others who focus on longer articles.
by Chuch of Network Marketing on Jul 1, 2014

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 1

A reading list of 10 stories we love right now.
by sdit insan utama on Jun 27, 2014

Introducing Longreads’ Best of WordPress

Share your favorite stories over 1,500 words—interviews, book excerpts, and more.

Monday Morning Edition

In case you missed it, a quick recap of the past week on, from new features to great blogs to discover.
by Mad About Film on Apr 14, 2014

Longreads Joins the Automattic Family

Today we’re excited to announce that we are acquiring Longreads, the pioneering service that helps readers find and share the best longform storytelling around the world, for reading on mobile devices. Over the last five years, Longreads and its co...
by i-FounD OnLine on Apr 9, 2014

Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

For people who love language and the strange, wonderful things it can do, few things are more pleasurable than diving into a well-crafted piece of writing. Since the introduction of the WPLongform tag a couple of months ago, the task of finding such...

Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

This spring, we introduced the WPLongform tag, as we wanted to give bloggers who write longer pieces (of over 1,000 words) and longform readers a space within the Reader to share and discover new content, from nonfiction to fiction to...
by Stampaloooza Paper Arts Studio on May 31, 2013

Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks

Last month Cheri took a look at longform writing on, and how tagging your over–1000-word posts WPLongform can help fellow bloggers, readers, and the editors of Freshly Pressed to discover longer, more in-depth material in the WordPre...
by The Golden Era on Apr 26, 2013

A Look at Longform on

We dive daily into the Reader of just as many of you do, sifting through the latest posts like we’re foraging in a vast forest. One of the things we love about this community is the diversity: from brave pieces of memoir to polit...
by satumanhaj on Mar 20, 2013

Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

Within Automattic’s Editorial team, we feel pretty lucky — we get to spend a fair amount of time each week reading your posts, in a constant bid to find strong, original writing and photography and share it with the communit...
by Kusjes uit Londen on Jan 25, 2013

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