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The Paragons of Insight: Part 6 – Looking for answers

Sleep was definitely out of the question for that night. I spent the rest of it in my living room, reading old newspapers that I acquired from the police archives. I convinced myself I was trying to find information about the cult, but in reality, I...
by Demos Blog on Nov 12, 2016

Looking for Answers (Nov. 23 – 30, 2015)

Read here for the introduction of this series, Looking for Answers. Para hindi tayo paulit-ulit. :-) 1. payo sa mga single mom Hindi ka pinanagutan ng nakabuntis sa iyo noh? Haaaay. … Continue reading →...
by Doctor Eamer's Blog on Nov 30, 2015

Looking for Answers (Nov. 15 – 22, 2015)

May mga katanungan sa ating isip na gusto nating malaman ang kasagutan. Madalas ay iisang tao lamang ang ating pinagtatanungan ng mga iyon. Siya ay si Prof. Google. He knows … Continue reading →...
by Doctor Eamer's Blog on Nov 23, 2015

Mystery and God

Are you looking for answers in the midst of difficult circumstances? Asking the questions, but not finding a logical response? More often than not, we must live with unanswered questions and trust God. Here’s what one of my professors at Wheato...
by Anchor Your Life on Jun 23, 2010

Escape. Daydream.

I often look out to the distant view hoping it would reveal some answers. And as distant as the view is how hopeless I know that I will receive enlightenment. Then I narrow my eyes and the image gets blurry. As habit, I have trapped myself in daydrea...
by EMO TIME on Oct 30, 2009

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