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Installing Beadboard Wainscoting to Lend Classy yet Quondam Touch to Your Walls

Beadboard wainscoting is a type of wood paneling done for the interiors of your home. This is done at the intersection of the wall and the floor. The narrow strips of wood are put together rising at least 3 feet above the floor and have wooden crown...
by Home Design Ideas on Jan 16, 2016

Why Do People Bash Their Heads Against Brick Walls?

You must have heard the saying “bash your head against a brick wall”? For the uninitiated, it means constantly doing something that hasn’t worked in the vain hope that it will suddenly start working. If you ask me, that is the definition of stu...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Oct 13, 2015

Page One Engine Review

Page One Engine course would give you the tips on maximizing the loophole in Google to get the $10,000 pay day and discover the 8 different ways for optimizing the loophole with different level on each. {Continue Reading...}...
by Discount Sphere on Jun 30, 2015

Man imprisoned for misusing Apple proviso permitting him to trade in for money iPhones for £27,000

An iPhone dealer attempted to get one over Apple however he fizzled at last. Edward Hornsey thought he'd outwitted the tech organization subsequent to gaining £27,453.80 by abusing a proviso that included trading 51 utilized mobiles for ne...

Apple clamps down on its App Store refund loophole in Europe

Apple probably thought it was doing everyone a favour when it introduced a two-week refund policy for iTunes and App Store purchases in Europe. But of course, as is always the way with technology, if there's an unintended flaw hidden away you can gua...
by engadget on Jan 13, 2015

[WSO] – YouTube Traffic Loophole

[WSO] – YouTube Traffic Loophole How to take s simple, easy to create video from zero to the top of Google in a matter of days, bringing in $2802 in just a month? I am going to show you: The super-simple tools for creating videos. Why YouTube v...
by Tutorialdl on Jan 2, 2015

United Airlines sues site that found loophole for cheap tickets

You know how it's often cheaper to fly from Chicago to Paris by booking a flight to Dubai, and then just getting off at the stopover, which happens to be Paris? Well thanks to a lawsuit from United Airlines and booking site Orbitz, you do now -- the...
by engadget on Dec 30, 2014

Taxman wins fight to close property tax loophole

A High Court ruling has sided with the taxman over legislation introduced last year which aims to stop wealthy property buyers avoid paying tens of thousands of pounds in stamp duty.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 13, 2014

The Obamacare Loophole that Isn’t a Loophole

No matter what your personal feelings are about the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare), it’s important to understand how it works for your personal finances. Not fully understanding how it works, or making assumptions that...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Apr 23, 2014

G20 agrees on push to close tax loopholes, make multinationals pay

(Reuters) – The world’s top economies agreed on Sunday to develop stricter rules on cross-border taxation to close loopholes that have allowed multinationals such as Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O), Google Inc (GOOG.O), Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Ama...
by TaxWorldWeb on Feb 23, 2014

David Cameron accused of dodging concerns over loophole that costs Treasury at least £500m a year

David Cameron’s attempts to “brush aside” legitimate concerns that the Government has not yet closed a legal tax loophole, which is losing the public purse at least £500m a year, have been condemned by MPs and campaigners.
by TaxWorldWeb on Oct 23, 2013

Overtaxed and over there

LARS was born in the United States to Swedish parents. Last year he renounced his American citizenship. Not because he hates America, but because he hates dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Lars (not his real name) has not lived in the...
by TaxWorldWeb on Oct 10, 2013

Verizon closes loophole that allowed upgrades with unlimited data

Verizon closes loophole that allowed upgrades with unlimited dataWe've received some information that the loophole everyone jumped on last night, where users were able to use a subsidized upgrade without losing their unlimited data, has been official...
by OTRO ANDROID BLOG on Sep 29, 2013

Labour reveal £400m builder tax loophole

Construction workers who claim to be self-employed when they are not are costing taxpayers £400m a year in reduced tax and national insurance payments, Labour will claim tomorrow.
by TaxWorldWeb on Sep 20, 2013

Only global tax reform can seal loophole

So said Google chief executive Eric Schmidt last month, shortly after being branded “evil” by the Public Accounts Committee for avoiding tax and dodging a lecture on the subject at his own party from Ed Miliband.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 20, 2013

US may blunt intl tax loophole plan – report

The United States is set to blunt an international drive to clamp down on multinational tax rorts, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 15, 2013

Deloitte Boss Blames Law For Tax Avoidance

The chief executive of one of the big four accountancy firms, Deloitte, has blamed UK law for the money lost as a result of tax avoidance. Speaking on Jeff Randall Live, David Sproul admitted that the problem with the tax system is “mainly the...
by TaxWorldWeb on Mar 31, 2013

How To Dominate Page #1 Of Google With YouTube

Did you know that Google is now ranking YouTube videos that leverage a few simple hacks above established 10-year-old web pages so you can now CRUSH your competition? Did you know that leads generated AFTER someone views a YouTube video are worth 5X...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Mar 25, 2013

The BIGGEST Traffic Strategy Mistake You Can Make (And What to Do Instead)

When it comes to traffic generation, one of the hottest and most talked about methods is the all-mighty guest post. The concept itself seems simple enough: - Contact high traffic blogs and give them an article they can’t resist - Ask them to pu...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Mar 24, 2013

Get More Dropbox Storage For Free

Disclaimer: I have written this post as a way to show the existing loophole within Dropbox referral system and not as a way to cheat the service. If you enjoy the benefits and convenience Dropbox provides, please do consider their plans options. I am...
by Just Kevin's Blog on Feb 17, 2013

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