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Day 93 – Returned lost keys

Day 93 and another opportunity for kindness popped right up without even having to think about it! Life is great like that!   I had to make a Home Depot run to get a new fan for my sons room. This time of year I am always drawn into the flower a...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Apr 4, 2013

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car

Locking yourself out of the car is the absolute worst, and there's really no question about that. No matter how much we hate it, no matter how much it ruins our day, we still manage to find ways to lock ourselves out of the car, and for many of us th...
by Cars 10 on Oct 23, 2012

Automatic Security Systems

Due to the sensitive nature of security and safety of everyone in a enterprise facility and to prevent the loss of assets, there is a growing need to have an automated and easy-to-use visitor management solution for security-conscious organizations a...

Lost keys-Not a problem now

suddenly realize that keys are not with you.  Lost keys? – will be the first question come in your mind and situation goes out of reach. Its sounds funny but not at all funny. Situations when you locked out of you card because of  lost keys a...
by Read and write articles on Oct 20, 2010

Find the keys

There are 3 keys in baloons. Can you find them all in your period?
by Flash Games - Ben 10 Games on Oct 7, 2010

Lost keys, cameras and phones from Coachella

Kind of unbelievable if you ask meLost KeysLost PhonesLost CamerasThis guy has to have something on this list...
by Alizee Nation on Apr 29, 2010

Oh, no need to knock!!!

For a couple of years after my twins were born I would schlep everyone in and out of the house, and then hours later realize that, yes, I had locked the front door, but couldn’t find my keys anywhere.  Upon closer inspection, I would discover my k...
by on Apr 14, 2010

Lego Atlantis Building Sets Guardian Of The Deep 8058 – Monster Crab Clash 8056 – Typhoon Turbo Sub 8060

Shop for the new Lego Atlantis Building Sets including Guardian Of The Deep, Monster Crab Clash and Typhoon Turbo Sub at the lowest prices. Come join an epic adventure to discover hidden underwater treasure and the lost keys to the...
by HardToFindToys on Dec 22, 2009

An Update On My Keys And Why Updates Are Stuttering

Ugh… Yesterday, I uploaded an entry about how I lost my keys. Well, I was driving home last night thinking to myself, “Where the hell did I put my keys? I can’t believe that I lost them!” And then I remembered having them...
by on Sep 1, 2009

Lost My Keys – Unbelievable!

Have you ever lost your keys? As I was getting ready for work this morning I went about my regular routine – did some work for Usable Web Solutions, LLC, brushed my teeth and jumped in the shower, and then dried off and got dressed for work.
by on Aug 31, 2009

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