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Love Locks are Stupid, Now Panic!

A European acquaintance told me about his friend one time. Let’s call that friend C. C found out that his girlfriend cheated on him. Eventually...The post Love Locks are Stupid, Now Panic! appeared first on OPIUMTWIN.COM.

Travel snapshot- Love locks in Seoul at N-Seoul Tower

Love locks or padlocks scenes first started in Europe and are now getting popular in many countries around the world. They are also liked by travelers particularly young couples. Couples who are making pilgrimage to those love locks sites do believe...
by Travel Feeder on Dec 8, 2013

Love Locks

Love Locks or Love padlocks  are a custom by which padlocks are attached to a fence, gate, bridge or similar public fixture by lovers, to symbolize their everlasting love. In the pictures below you see Love Locks affixed to the ropes of Butchers...
by Amateur Nature Photography on Feb 16, 2013

Help the American Heart Association with Love Locks by Master Lock

Combination locks and love: an odd duo? Seems that way to me, but then I researched a bit. I learned that it’s an international custom for sweethearts to lock a padlock to a bridge, symbolizing their everlasting love. Who knew? At the Master Lo...
by Girls in White Dresses on Nov 21, 2012

'Love Locks' di pelbagai negara

Semakin ramai orang yang bercinta meletakkan mangga kunci (love locks) sebagai melambang kesetiaan dan kecintaan pasangan terhadap kekasihnya....Diantara negaranya ialah....  Pecs, Hungary  Moscow, Russia  Seoul, South K...
by borak kosong on Aug 11, 2012

Love Locks

When we approached the Pont des Arts in Paris, we did not know that this gate was full of locks affixed by couples in love.There were hundreds, thousands of them. When I took these shots I had already in mind, of course, my Valentine's Day blog post...
by Secret forest on Feb 12, 2012

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