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ERB Weekly Digest – Shane Claiborne, Luci Shaw, N.T. Wright – June 17, 2016

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by The Englewood Review of Books on Jun 17, 2016


As if until that moment nothing real had happened since Creation As if outside the world were empty so that …Continue reading »...
by Per Crucem ad Lucem on Dec 9, 2011

Featured: Harvesting Fog: Poems by Luci Shaw [Vol. 3, #23]

tweetmeme_url = ""; tweetmeme_source = "tweetmeme"; “Attentive to the Grace of the Ordinary” A Review of Harvesting Fog: Poems by Luci Shaw. Reviewed by...
by The Englewood Review of Books on Jun 18, 2010

Judas, Peter

because we are all betrayers, taking silver and eating body and blood and asking (guilty) is it I and hearing him say yes it would be simple for us all to rush out and hang ourselves but if we find grace to cry and wait after the voice of morning ha...

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