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Heyya! So I thought since its still the beginning of the school year and for some of us its the beginning of high school, like me. Stress is a huge factor in any type of school but high school is the worst when it comes to stress. Stress can basicall...
by Luhy on Oct 29, 2010

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star!

Heyya! Yah, Yah, I know I’d be the one to make a post about Spongebob but, oh well he is awesome! But you know who else is awesome? PATRICK! I like patrick way more he’s more amazing and he’s so awesome and cute and aww I love h...
by Luhy on Jul 17, 2010


Heyya! Today I have something very important, yes very very important… do you wanna know what it is? really? do yah? because I will tell you… ready? ready? here it comes! PIZZABAGELS! I love pizzabagels(: they are like the perfect mix of...
by Luhy on Jul 16, 2010


CHECK OUT AIOS! ! NEW POSTS DAILY! Heyya! I have not posted in like 2 days so I thought why not! Recently I’ve been very busy with my new blog, and there recently has been a lack in hit...
by Luhy on Jul 10, 2010


Update: AIOS IS NOW OPEN! GO CHECK IT OUT! ! Only your visits, comments, and ratings can help it become a huge success, so what are you waiting for?! GO VISIT! Heyya! It is a great day today! Know why? ITS 100 DEGREES OUT...
by Luhy on Jul 7, 2010

Schools Out, Summers In!

Heyya! Miss me? (what a fail of a way to start a post, I know.) Well it’s not all too bad… I’m am extremely happy! know why?! do yah!? do yah?!!?!? Well I do!!! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! You should be very happy like me(: because gu...
by Luhy on Jul 4, 2010

Giant Marshmallows

Heyya! Soo drk, if your reading this you completely understand why i lovee you right now(: So for all of you that don’t know, i walked into English today, and i was in shock when i saw what drk was eating! IT WAS A GIANT MARSHMALLOW! ik...
by Luhy on Jun 4, 2010

Smosh! :)

Heyya! If none of you have known yet, I am a big fan of Smosh! If your thinking they’re like some squishing company, your wrong! They are two guys from California who think like I do and are HILARIOUS like when I say that I mean hilarious! M...
by Luhy on May 30, 2010

…and I was like “Hey Soul Sister”

Heyya! Havn’t posted in forever right? ya I know and im sorry for that… im just busy and such with school winding down for finals in a couple of months… and ive been hanging out with my friends more often, and yadda yadda yadda̷...
by Luhy on Apr 24, 2010


Heyya! Ya first of fall don’t ask what I mean by the title because I just thought of a title for like the past like 10 minutes and that’s the best I thought of… sad right? So if you live anywhere near where I live it DOES NOT sto...
by Luhy on Feb 26, 2010

Two Sides

Heyya! Did you ever notice how most teenagers have two sides? The way they are to their friends, and the way to their family. The two never interchange, well they usually don’t. But I find it mind-boggling. I’m the same around my family a...
by Luhy on Feb 11, 2010

The Apple iPad

Heyya! Have you heard about the new revolutionary Apple device yet? If not its called the iPad. It revolutionizes the way you see the web. You may say oh great its just a giant iPod Touch, but its different than that. Its a mix between the iPhone and...
by Luhy on Feb 1, 2010

Sunday Comics

Heyya! Today is Sunday and you know what that means? COMICS! So enjoy these comics created by Tony Carrillo and Brian Crane Enjoy Your Sunday! Which Was You Favorite? Filed under: Luhy, Random, RaNdOm StUfFs!!!, Sunday Comics Tagged: Bria...
by Luhy on Jan 31, 2010

Fragile, Do Not Drop

Heyya! Did you ever notice those packages that say “Fragile, Do Not Drop”? and you look around and you see tons of people actually dropping the packages? Well what wonders me is are they like special? Well if you see something that says d...
by Luhy on Jan 3, 2010

Time Warner Cable Losing Fox?

Heyya! If you havn’t heard yet, Time Warner Cable is losing the Fox channel. I know, I know, most of the shows that you may enjoy on Fox such as Glee, The Simpsons, American Idol, House, 24, etc. will be gone right after the New Years Special.
by Luhy on Dec 30, 2009

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