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The Bandipur Tales

A big hello to my readers, its been long, really long since I posted here. This post is all about a three day stay followed by a one day round in Bandipur and Kabini respectively. I had the privilege of accompanying and guiding Alex who was visiting...
by Wildlife Photography on Apr 12, 2015

Bonnet Macaques

Bonnet Macaque with babyCanon EOS 40D + Sigma 50-500mmBandipur, KarnatakaBonnet Macaque - MaleCanon EOS 20D + Sigma 135-400mmKyathadevara Gudi, KarnatakaBonnet Macaque - thinking maleCanon EOS 20D + Sigma 135-400mmKyathadevara Gudi, KarnatakaAll Imag...
by Wildlife Photography on Aug 15, 2010

Bonnet Macaque

A couple of images from one of my old Bandipur visits. Found these two kids 'monkeying' around and decided to make a few images. Hope you'll like them.Bonnet MacaqueCanon EOS 400D + Sigma 135-400mmAll Images are Copyrighted Angad Achappa and...
by Wildlife Photography on May 21, 2010

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