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Moonshot Korea Cosmetics is NOW Available in Malaysia

by Sharon Yong - To Be Beauty™ on May 19, 2016

Is all about sculpt ! Lakme Event

My Everyday Red Lips Make Up Tutorial

Shopping with Shop Back Malaysia 一边开心购物,还能享受现金 CASHBACK

by Sharon Yong - To Be Beauty™ on Apr 26, 2016

Review- Mentholatum Lipice Grape+Blackcurrant Lip Balm with SPF15

Hey girls! When my ENT classes was canceled, I had a chance to reward myself, so, I was planning to go out just for a chill at Setia City Mall, but I always end up looking for a things that I don't really plan to buy. So, when I was&nb...
by AECHA CHARMY on Mar 12, 2016

(Product Review) b-Liv 和黑头粉刺说掰掰

今天的试用篇和大家分享b-liv 的两个产品, b-liv Deep Impact 和 b-liv Off With Those Heads (The No 1 Hot Selling Item) b-liv Deep Impact 50ml= RM65 b-liv Off With Those Heads (The No 1 Hot Selling Item) 30ml / 45ml = RM145/...
by Sharon Yong - To Be Beauty™ on Feb 17, 2016

Kelab Best Blogger Network

Kelab Best Blogger Network | Sebut saja BBN, tidak lain tidak bukan ia adalah sebuah group WhatsApp Best Blogger Network yang ditubuhkan dan diihamkan oleh Kamil Salleh bersama sahabat beliau Mohd Hanafi pada 6 Julai 2015. Kini bukan saja group BBN a...
by sensasi2020 on Jan 16, 2016

An Evergreen Christmas Launch @ One Utama

一年一度的圣诞节又来临了啦! 十二月真的是一个让人非常非常喜爱的月份。 除了有不同的节日以外, 到处都可以看到购物广场有不同圣诞装饰, 当然也是大减价血拼的好日子。哈哈!我...

Food Review , Chili's Malaysia still the best of all

All-New Honda City Bloggers Driving Experience

It’s so cool to drive a new car especially those sporty and stylish ones, right? Last weekend I had a fun day out at City Bloggers Driveorganized by Honda Malaysia. Yeehaa!!! We all get to test drive the All-New Honda City. Well, I have joined Hond...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jun 8, 2015

2015 年的我

by Sharon Yong - To Be Beauty™ on Mar 16, 2015

Lirik 'Anak Muda Jiwa Merdeka' Dan Moment 'Anak Muda Jiwa Merdeka' Aku IP TV3

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Salam 1 Malaysia :)Pernah dengar tak lagu Anak Muda Jiwa Merdeka? WAU. Memang Best lagu nyanyian Aizat Af, Waris N9 dan Elizabeth ni. Lirik dia pun tersangat-sangatlah bagi semangat pada kita semua.Cuba baca , nya...
by The Real Life | Kisah Remaja on Nov 5, 2014

Sejarah Negeri Terengganu

Kesultanan Terengganu1708 - 1733: Tun Zainal Abidin1733 - 1794: Sultan Mansur I1794 - 1808: Sultan Zainal Abidin II1808 - 1830: Sultan Ahmad1830: Sultan Abdul Rahman1830 - 1831: Sultan Daud1831 - 1837: Sultan Mansur...
by The Real Life | Kisah Remaja on Oct 20, 2014

Burts Bee Intense Hydration Review + Contest


Hermes Silk Ball

When I received the news that I am going Hermes Silk Ball, the feeling is like wow! The next think that came to my mind was what is the dresscode or theme? Oh my god, checked out the dress code it was beauty or beast, masks and headdreses, silk scarv...
by Sunshine Kelly on Sep 23, 2014

16 Foto Shasha Mendoz, blogger paling 'Hot' di Malaysia

17 Foto Shasha Mendoz, blogger paling 'Hot' di Malaysia | Tentu ramai tertanya-tanya siapakah blogger tempatan yang paling seksi di Malaysia. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan ialah Shasha Mendoz.Beliau sebelum ini pernah mencetuskan fenomen di Malaysia apa...
by perihal negara on Sep 10, 2014

J&P Magic House Bar and Restaurant

又有新鲜地好介绍了,这次和大家分享的是位于在吉隆坡市中心的一间非常“创意”“搞怪“的餐厅《J&P MAGIC HOUSE BAR AND RESTAURANT 》这是一间意大利式+创意的餐厅,如何说呢?因为它结合...

OceanLab Aurora Angel Whitening Miracles

How to achieve instant whitening in 5.5 seconds? It’s miracle? One of top beauty wish for many women today are to have fair, radiant and glowing skin. Look in today’s fast-paced world, when we use a product we want or expect to see results almost...
by Sunshine Kelly on Aug 15, 2014

Histoires de Parfums 1969

Ok previously I did a review about the Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge and received quite a number of inquiries. There are a readers who love and seek for something more unique, delicate and characteristic perfume. So today I am going to run t...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jul 17, 2014

Spotlight Is Coming To Malaysia

Hey listen! I got the news that Spotlight is coming to Malaysia! It’s going to me a new shopping experience for you and me yay... The largest Australian chain promises a new shopping experience for all Malaysians to enjoy. Spotlight will be Opening...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jul 8, 2014

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