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Top 10 Inspiring Men Bloggers Of Aha!NOW – A Tribute

Men! Men! Men! What would we do without them! Some say you cannot live with them, while others say you cannot live without them! “But men are men; the best sometimes forget.” ~ William Shakespeare Yes, we sometimes forget the value of men...
by Aha-NOW! : a family blog on Nov 19, 2015

Who’s The Daddy-With John Adams of Dad Blog UK

Welcome to my new monthly feature-Who's The Daddy!A huge fan of blogs penned by fathers, I wanted to showcase the rich, insightful and damn right captivating male bloggers who share their point of view on all things parenting and beyond, right here o...
by Honest Mum on Jan 21, 2015

#BlogLove The Best Boy Bloggers

To continue the #bloglove into 2013, I thought I would make it a feature to highlight some of my favourite blogs in different categories. There’s so many bloggers now it can be tricky to keep track, so this is hopefully a great way to introduce...
by Jayne's Kitschen on Jan 7, 2013

Weight Loss Blogger Quotes of the Week

So I thought I would pull out some quotes from other weight loss bloggers from this past week. I decided to focus on just the guys this week. Ladies, you'll get your turn next week. Click through and check them out! Today has been another great...
by John's Weight Loss Blog on Dec 4, 2010

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