Blog Posts - Managing From A Deficit

Putting out fires: Managers who “want it now” or “want it yesterday” are managing from a deficit

Does your manager create fires on your team? Here are some sources of “fires” and how managers can better handle them.
by Manager by Design on Jun 3, 2013

Managers behaving badly: Training the team not to report bad news

Managers often react negatively when they see “red” on a status report. This trains employees to lie and starts a vicious cycle of bad management. read more...
by Manager by Design on Oct 26, 2010

If you’re the manager, it’s your job not to act surprised

When a manager reacts to bad news, it is often with surprise. Acting surprised means the manager is managing from a deficit. Here's more...
by Manager by Design on Oct 24, 2010

Check your usage of the word “just.” It could mean you’re managing from a deficit

Many managers use the word “just” when asking to get something done. This is a short cut that doesn’t work and puts the team in a hole. But there is an alternate path. read more...
by Manager by Design on Oct 11, 2010

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