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Weaklings Get Tattoos Too

Some people know their weaknesses and are not afraid to show them. Or, you know, tattoo them in a big bold Hebrew font on their arm...Don't know what other weaknesses this victim has, but bad knowledge of the Hebrew language is certainly one of them.
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Mar 3, 2010

God's Name, All Messed Up

Today's victim is walking around with a particularly ridiculous Hebrew tattoo on his wrist:All this guy wanted is a spiritual tattoo saying "The Lord's" in Hebrew. I bet those of you who know Hebrew are scratching your heads in confusion, as this bad...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Mar 1, 2010

Skeleton Boy

I have no idea what this one is supposed to be:This Hebrew tattoo basically spells out: "Skeleton from Isdael", but without the spaces.Did he mean "Skeleton from Israel"? That could somewhat explain why the Hebrew language was used. However, just by...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 26, 2010

Burnt Semolina Boys

Check out these two crispy-fried victims. These guys went in for matching spiritual tattoos. Their tattoos were supposed to say "Forgiven" in Hebrew...Instead, the tattoos spell "Semolina", you know, the flour-like stuff that's used to make a sort of...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 23, 2010

The Marked Sisters

Today's bad Hebrew tattoos feature a special bond - sisterhood. These two ladies decided to let everyone know that yes, they are in fact sisters.Is there a better way to say "Sisters" than to spell it out on your skin in a foreign language?The answe...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 16, 2010

The Wonky Love Triangle

Today's victim went for the ever popular "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine", from Solomon's Song of Songs. You know, just like David Beckham...We've already established in Beckham's case that this expression is unsuitable for guys, as it spea...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 14, 2010

Dream of Changing Lands

Sometimes Hebrew tattoos can be very weird. When your Hebrew tattoo is designed by a Korean tattoo artist, those chances soar sky high.This lovely piece says, when you read it backwards and ignore final-form letters in mid word: The truth and lands o...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 10, 2010

Bad Purity, Good Furniture

Like so many others in touch with their inner spirituality, this girl decided to get a Hebrew tattoo. The tattoo was supposed to say "Purity" in Hebrew...And just like everyone else's, her Hebrew tattoo was rendered backwards.However, this victim's s...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 8, 2010

Greater Things Go Greatly Wrong

Today I bring you something fresh from the oven, this disaster of a Hebrew tattoo was just inked last week!Oh, but whatever does it say?The guy meant his Hebrew tattoo to say "Greater Things", but he probably got his translation from either an online...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Feb 4, 2010

Eternally Misspelled

Today's victim went in for an "Eternity" Hebrew tattoo, got a proper translation and everything. Alas, it is so very difficult to match what you see in a picture to the actual letters that come out of your keyboard...Lovely, isn't it? Three letters,...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Jan 24, 2010

The Girl with the Drunk Tattoo

Check out this party girl's ink! She wanted a Hebrew tattoo saying "Celebrate Life", and somehow ended up with this:At first glance it appears to be just random gibberish. However, closer study shows this to be a very confused rendition of the drinki...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Jan 19, 2010

The Girl with a Price Tag

In the last post we have seen a guy who got lucky, his misspelled Hebrew tattoo had a different-from-expected meaning, but it wasn't that bad. Today's victim, though, is very much the opposite:This poor girl wanted her Hebrew tattoo to say a spiritua...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Jan 17, 2010

The Guy Who Shared

Today's victim is a self taught scholar of the Hebrew language. He wanted a Hebrew tattoo saying "Shataph" (washed, flooded away). Observe the result:I must admit, it was a brave effort, he almost did it. Unfortunately, there are two T letters in the...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Jan 15, 2010

Tramp Stamp for your Favorite Uncle

Usually I'd be the first objecting the label "tramp stamp", but sometimes you just can't fight the evidence...I have only a vague clue as to what this Hebrew tattoo was meant to say, probably some variation of "Beloved Forever". In actuality, it says...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Jan 2, 2010

The Botched Up Love Letter

Isn't Hebrew just the right language for love letters? Even better if you decide to etch the letter permanently into your skin.This wonder of a Hebrew tattoo was composed by a Korean tattoo artist, a guy who constantly mangles Hebrew as a hobby. His...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 29, 2009

The Tragic Tale of Smelly Sarah

Today's victim, a girl named Sarah, wanted a tattoo of her name in Hebrew, and she wanted to compose it herself.Sarah knew that Hebrew has no vowels, and her name should be composed of the letters S, R and H. She carefully chose her letters, and ende...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 26, 2009

You'd Think Elements were Elementary

I guess some Tattoo Artists just have no scruples.A customer comes into your tattoo salon wanting some words done in Hebrew. You don't know Hebrew, but worked on some Hebrew tattoos here and there, so you can surely manage! $50 please.This guy though...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 24, 2009

Good Thing He's All About Forgiveness

One of the most common motifs in Hebrew tattoos that can be seen on Christians, is forgiveness. Do they somehow feel guilty? I don't really understand it myself, but there you have it:Or maybe not.Today's victim wanted a Hebrew "Forgiven" tattoo, ins...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 20, 2009

Son's Love; Dad's Obedience

This guy wanted his tattoo to be something special. Not just a bunch of letters and a random doodle, oh no. His tattoo is beautiful and elaborate, obviously well crafted:But what do we see on the bottom? Is it Hebrew writing? Lets take a peek!Right.
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 18, 2009

Biblical Switcheroo - Never a Good Idea!

Today we have a guy with issues. He apparently wanted the following tattooed in Hebrew: "Where I Go, Ye Shall Follow". Possessive much? I think so.Anyway, this is what he actually got permanently inked on his arm:When translated from Hebrew to Englis...
by Bad Hebrew Tattoos on Dec 12, 2009

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