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How to know if you stayed in Indonesia too long

Sometimes we feel that we stuck (at least I had such feeling ;)) – maybe in the same job position, in the same surrounding. All the time going to same places, eating same food, doing same things and etc. And we don’t realize when it becomes routi...

Learn from the youngsters - Good manners from Barca youngsters!

Barcelona Youngsters Comfort Opposing Players After Beating Them!
by SNAP on Aug 31, 2016

Modern Manners by Dorothea Johnson & Liv Tyler

Modern Manners by Dorothea Johnson & Liv Tyler – the increasing advances in technology and the impact of globalization, many parents are concerned about their children’s behavior to parents who do not have fear and good..
by Best Novel Review on Jun 4, 2016

How to Change unacceptable habits to positive habits

March 29, 2016 On the last article I wrote, it was all about how to avoid making costly mistakes well building your success. The biggest change we all need to address is our habits, some are... This blog has a lot of information regarding social m...
by JFBMarketing at APSense on Mar 30, 2016

Why you should stop complaining (Way to Success!)

There are a lot of people who love to complain. They start complaining when they are in situations that are not favorable to them. If you have friends or you yourself is one of this kind, then read more as I show you why you need to stop complaining...
by Power Pinoys on Jan 11, 2016

Book Review: Bernice Gets Carried Away

Author/Illustrator: Hannah HarrisonInterest Level: Ages 4 and UpFrom the Book Jacket: Bernice is having a truly rotten time at her friend’s birthday party. First, everyone else gets a piece of cake with a frosting rose. But not Berni...
by Books That Heal Kids on Jan 10, 2016

How To Be A Good Tricycle Passenger

e all travel. We go to school and work almost everyday of our lives BUT have you ever ask yourself “have I been a good passenger?” or something like “have I been a responsible passenger?”. This may sound “O.A.” f...
by Power Pinoys on Nov 11, 2015

The Self Tipping Hat Coincidence

The self tipping hatI was talking to someone about good manners and politeness. "Remember the days," he said, "when a man, wearing a hat, would raise his hat if he met a lady."I did remember. When in my early twenties, I had a job where I was out and...

The Lost Etiquette

Written By: Maliha Javed.As I placed my order at the corner table of the small café down the road, I noticed a woman admiringly gazing at a couple where the man pulled out a chair for the lady he accompanied. The woman staring, said to herself “oh...
by Finding Neverland on Oct 30, 2015

Manners and Etiquette for Travelers

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now. I have to head out to catch a flight from Paris to Krakow in less than 4 hours. Somehow though, I am covered in welts from spider bites (I’m allergic) that I seem to have picked up in one of the old churches...
by Creative Cynchronicity on Oct 27, 2015

Don't teach your kids to say "I'm sorry."

All of us grew up being taught basic manners: saying Please and Thank You, not belching at the table, and also saying I'm Sorry when we upset or hurt someone. As we got older, we learned pretty quickly that the last one didn't always work. Saying I'm...

Selfie and Good Manners ~ Learn from Kate Nash

Good Manners are important or not?The views of song writer Kate Nash about Selfie has ensued a fresh debate about good manners versus modern manners. There are already well defined set of manners for all occasions. We are taught Table manners, b...
by Author's Diction on Aug 31, 2015

Book Review: Little Bird's Bad Word

Author/Illustrator: Jacob GrantInterest Level: Ages 4 and UpFrom the Book Jacket: Little Bird learned a new word! He loves it so much, he's bursting to share it with all of his friends. BLARK! The only problem is, this isn't a very nice word. Li...
by Books That Heal Kids on Jul 24, 2015

Why Good Manners Matter

Rudeness was reported as the chief cause of stress in a recent poll in France. For 60 percent of the French, it is not the debt crisis or persistent double-digit unemployment that stresses them out, but the behavior of other people. True, the French...
by Connecting Hypnotherapy... on Jul 21, 2015

Book Review: Rude Cakes

Author/Illustrator: Rowboat WatkinsInterest Level: Ages 3 and UpFrom the Book Jacket: In this deliciously entertaining book, a not-so-sweet cake - who never says please or thank you or listens to its parents -gets its just desserts. But even the...
by Books That Heal Kids on Jul 20, 2015

8 (more) Granny Rules

I want to start this off by saying how lucky — and I mean lucky — I am to have my oldest son, his pregnant wife, and my 4-year-old grandbaby living with us for a few months. I will never have this opportunity again, so I don’t want...
by Humoring The Goddess on Jun 16, 2015

Do You Have #RoadSense?

Hi Huneybees, As the country develops and move forward, I see more and more cars on the road. But riding as a passenger in my hubby's car has started to get scary as drivers start to get a little too aggressive with stress building up and seems like...
by Huney'Z World on Apr 9, 2015

Modern etiquette – How to be a gracious guest

It is often said that a great party centers around a gracious and organized host. However, when you are invited into someone’s home it is also important to be a gracious guest. Simple etiquette is an absolute must when attending a party. To behave...
by Ab home interiors on Mar 27, 2015

Fabled Friday the 13th

What’s wrong with Fridays that fall on the 13th day of the month? I thought I might try to uncover the foundations of this supposedly long-held western superstition but as is generally the case, all I found was a mishmash of “biblicalR...
by streets of salem on Mar 13, 2015

Breaking It Off In Trent 3559

After an invigorating workout followed by breakfast, we all relaxed around the hotel until lunch. We then headed to a salad bar, which nearly made Trent cry. I told the slothful fool that he needed to revamp his diet for the betterment of his health...
by Scragg Man on Mar 9, 2015

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