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Marble, Tiles and Granite Floor Restoration or Maintenance

A real stone professional will work with you to assess the root cause and to formulate a strategy to avoid a recurrence. As always, good information is a homeowner’s greatest asset in maintaining their quality home in peak condition. If you have st...

Marble Polishing Abu Dhabi

Check out the snapshots below from one of marble polishing Abu Dhabi Floor Care recent job. you will see both pictures before treatment and after after treatment pictures.  When we undertake a Marble floor polishing job there are many steps, in the...

marble treatment in dubai

a complete treatment of marble in dubai and uae.

Marble Grinding

Marble Grinding The polished marble floor is widely treasured for its beautiful marbled pattern and the many varying hues. A polished marble floor creates an elegant atmosphere and with the proper treatment a polished marble floor keeps its luster fo...

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