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Bangkok Street Food Guide

After 10 days of exploring Thailand, I only had 24 hours to experience the mega metropolis of Bangkok. Fortunately, I had a local ace up my sleeve by the name of Mark Wiens, who has been living in Bangkok since 2009, writing and filming for his popu...
by Tourist 2 Townie on May 12, 2016

Curry Noodles at Langkawi’s Laksa Carnival 2015

Malaysia is a country that loves food. And among the many incredible dishes available in the country, one of the local favorites is a dish called laksa, which loosely translates to noodles and curry. But throughout Malaysia (and even in Singapore a...
by Migrationology on Jun 28, 2015

Thai Food TV Show in Thailand (& I’ll Be the One Eating)

About two months ago I received an email (in Thailand)… It went something along the lines of this: “Hi Mark Wiens, we’ve seen your YouTube videos, and we like how you express your passion for food. We’re producing a food tv s...
by Migrationology on Jul 16, 2014

10 Insanely Tasty Vegetarian Foods From North India

The only thought that comes screaming into my mind as I sit down to write the introduction of our highly honored guest blogger for today is -- FOOD. Why? Because, Mark Wiens and Food are synonymous; for me, for so many others like me, for all those a...
by My Yatra Diary... on Nov 25, 2013

Mark Wiens – My Story (VIDEO)

Hey guys! One of the top questions I get asked is who I am and how I started traveling and eating, so I decided to cover that very question in a video. Watch it here… (If you can’t see the video, watch it on YouTube here) Thank you for wa...
by Migrationology on Jul 7, 2013

Travel Blogger Spotlight: Mark Wiens. 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’m back with a brand new edition of “25 Things You Dont Know About” your favorite bloggers. As you know, I’m an US Weekly junkie. I can’t get enough and of course my favorite feature is when celebs dish about random facts in t...
by TravelingPanties on Jan 9, 2013

My Top 11 Mouthwatering Bites of 2012

Happy New Year 2013! Thank you for being a part of 2012 was a great year, and while I did less traveling than some years, I was able to get a lot accomplished, and I managed to eat quite a few tasty meals (all of which I’m t...
by Migrationology on Dec 30, 2012

Get it NOW: eBook: 101 Things To Do In Bangkok!

First, I want to say a huge thanks to you! It’s because of your support and your online sharing that Migrationology has survived. Everyday I’m extremely grateful for what I’m able to do for a living, and it wouldn’t be possibl...
by Migrationology on Nov 19, 2012

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