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Nifty reclaims 8,200; Sensex rallies 200 points, broader markets underperform

Equity Benchmark indices continue to trade with a positive bias, closing Nifty holding 8221.80 level, up by 51 points (+6.2%) and Sensex reaching at 26,697.82, up by 182.58 points (+6.9%). About 1279 shares have advanced while 1312 shares declined, a...
by Top ten Stocks for Today on Dec 13, 2016

NSE Nifty trade Above 8260 & Sensex Strong 0.3 percenrt | Top Stocks Sure Trading Tips for today On Mobile Alert

After idling for long time Early trading session Stock Market has returned a little faster in the domestic market. Sensex and Nifty are trading with a gain of 0.25 percent. The Nifty above 8260 while the Sensex is moving towards 26800. Top Stocks for...
by Top ten Stocks for Today on Dec 9, 2016

NSE Nifty Closed below 8100, The BSE Sensex Rolled 329 Points Today

Today’s decline in domestic markets dominated. Today Both Sensex and Nifty Have Closed with loss of more than 1 percent. Nifty slipped below 8,100, the Sensex fell by over 300 points. The market continued to decline in early trading environment...
by Top ten Stocks for Today on Dec 2, 2016

South Shore Club Sale

Last month I listed a home in the South Shore Club. This month, I sold that home in the South Shore Club.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it kind of is. Imagine the South Shore Club of before, of pre-2012. It was a nice place, with boa...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Aug 24, 2016

Lake Geneva Foreclosures

The first foreclosure I bought was in 2009. January of 2009, to be exact. The home was ugly, the property decent, the list price somewhere around $249k. In January of 2009 there was some sense that the market was bad, but what wasn’t clear yet...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Aug 22, 2016

Lake Geneva Market Update

It’s getting late. The greens are no longer bright. The grass is beginning to fade. The corn is drying as it should, first at the bottom and then, slowly, eventually, all the way to the top. The beans will start turning soon, from green to gold...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Aug 17, 2016

Lake Geneva Lakefront Update

August.  It’s August now and it’s too late for you. If you’re at home and your vacation home dreams are there with you, then you’ve already blown it. This August will not be special for you. It might be special for you if you...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Aug 1, 2016

Geneva Lakefront Condo Update

The problem with market updates is that they require some movement in the market before they’ll really make sense. It’s like being a beat writer for a baseball team. If the team plays on a Monday and they lose, you write about the loss. T...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Jul 20, 2016

Equity Market News & Updates

    Indian shares edged down on Tuesday as financial specialists booked benefit after a rally in the past session, even as notion was upheld by developing desires that Britons will vote to stay in the European Union in the current week...

Another Lackey Lane Sale

Sometimes, you just want what you want. You want to be on the lake, that’s smart. You want to see a weekend like the one just ended and you want to see it from the front row, up close and personal. You want to be on a road, something of pedigre...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Jun 20, 2016

Lackey Lane Sells

It should be no secret that the cool  people are buying at Lake Geneva. It’s not just the people, but the cool people. The kids who live in the city who know that city life is for weekdays. The young affluent set that realize brunch lines are...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Jun 17, 2016

Geneva Lakefront Sale

We tend to buy real estate based on emotion and sell it based upon fact. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever bought or sold real estate. We buy it because we love it, because we want it, because it makes sense in some ways,...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Jun 13, 2016

Affordable Lake Geneva

Take to the highways and county roads this summer and you’ll notice plenty of things. You’ll notice that semi drivers often change lanes with relatively little warning, which is especially rude when I’m in the middle of writing a le...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Jun 10, 2016

Seattle Condo Market Update – May 2016

The Seattle condo market exhibited buoyancy in May with sale activity volume and values.
by The Seattle Condo Blog on Jun 8, 2016

What Will be the effect of Crude oil by the meeting of OPEC

Commodity market today is quite an event for the day. OPEC is a key meeting today. The ECB's decision on interest rates is going to come. The ECB will decide on interest rates 5:15 PM. Thus, soon after, the weekly US unemployment figures will be rele...
by MCX TIPS TODAY on Jun 2, 2016


I generally agree with the concept that what happens on the coasts will someday find its way to Lake Geneva. This is the case with both good and bad. New York has fantastic pizza. Lake Geneva will someday also have fantastic pizza. Washington had a S...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on May 31, 2016

Lake Geneva Market Update

I can feel it. It’s in the air. It’s in the way the grass looks and so many lilacs. Everywhere lilacs. The boats are here, they’re in the water and they’re on trailers and they’re everywhere. The streets are more alive t...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on May 18, 2016

April 2016 Seattle Condo Market Update

Spring is in full swing for Seattle’s condominium market, which experienced robust sales activity and improving values in April.
by The Seattle Condo Blog on May 12, 2016

Geneva National Value

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this year in Geneva National. I’ve shown most of the houses that are on the market inside those gates. I’ve generally been underwhelmed.  Many of the houses are older now, in need of kitchens or bat...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on May 2, 2016

Lake Geneva Market Update

I have lots of brushes. I have small brushes and smaller brushes, medium ones, too. I have huge brushes, trust me, there’s no problem with my brushes. I have great brushes, the best. Other people, not so many brushes, sad. But still, these brus...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Apr 25, 2016

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