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Understanding and Applying Creative Marketing Concepts!

May 25, 2016 The more creative your title and article becomes, the curiosity factor kicks in, making you stand alone with an audience that will follow and read your articles.  The internet... This blog has a lot of information regarding so...
by JFBMarketing at APSense on May 25, 2016

Service Marketing: An Overview

Service Marketing: An Overview Service Marketing - Sales person today, need to have a through knowledge of marketing to be successful as a sales person.  The time is past when the salesperson is viewed differently from the marketer.  In actual fact...
by ARTICLES on Apr 25, 2014

Six Video Marketing Concepts in more visitors to your website

Video marketing is a powerful tool that you can not miss addition to your arsenal of internet marketing. It is because the search views on YouTube and other video sites are to win every day thousands , you should take advantage of this opportunity .
by Video creation Service on Apr 16, 2014

A Survey on Problems of Marketing Commercial Bank Services

A Survey on Problems of Marketing Commercial Bank Services MARKETING CONCEPTS Business orientation has moved gradually from the production of selling concept, to marketing concept and finally to societal marketing concept.  The original marketing co...
by ARTICLES on Apr 14, 2014

Core concepts of marketing and Development of Marketing concepts

Three basic concepts of marketing are the needs, wants and demandsNeeds are the basic requirement of man, which contains an individual needs to survive, food, air, water, clothing and shelter. Wants to become needs when they are directed to specific...
by MBA Study Guide on Jul 3, 2013

Different Types of Marketing

Due to the large number of techniques and tools used by marketing (especially since the advent of the Internet) to better study and use, it is usually classified into different types. Let’s look at what major marketing types exist: Direct Marke...

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