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Marni 2012 Foulard handbags

A small number of colors and interesting elements pieced together prominent personality patterns seems to have become Marni signs.Recently launched the 2012 Foulard handbags again proved this feature.This time,Marni with bright candy color,simple cir...
by marni handbags on Feb 28, 2012

Marni Sequins Bag

Every time I see Discovery such as introducing  nature animal programs,always be frighten by ecological wonders of the animal kingdom,whether its strange appearance,or special habits,really surprise!See this Marni handbag,let me associate with h...
by marni handbags on Dec 23, 2011

This season, handbags gimmicks concentrate on two aspects, or exaggeration, or simple, meaningless other.Contracted to the simplest is classic, without any extra design and detail, as the light leather piece, across a cut in.The exaggerated concept,f...
by marni handbags on Apr 12, 2010

Marni Fall 2010 handbags

There is a charming typical about a Marni handbag.It has a magnetic appeal that beckons you when you meet it in any way .Marni fall runway handbags is "Pleasantville"-seems to represent a microcosm of this unique meet - the life of Katharine Hepburn...
by marni handbags on Mar 31, 2010

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