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What Else Is New?

Ontario Signs Up for More Expensive Power, expensive and unreliable power, writes Tom Admas in the FP: “But rather than heed […] warnings, the government barges on. Under the current version of the FIT program, the government will buy win...
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Mar 18, 2016


One of the main, if not the defining one, reasons for Green Energy is the Climate Scam (based on normal changing weather patterns as interpreted by all the (rich) Chicken Littles of the World). As a result, Ontario suffers terrible … Continue r...
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Dec 24, 2015

More Good News

52% higher than New Brunswick OWR Residential Power Bill Comparison 2015: Ontario 52% higher than New Brunswick Hydro One Total $229.04 New Brunswick Total $123.01 Courtesy of the McWynne government of Ontario, the best ever!
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Nov 14, 2015

Corporate Welfare is Green

The Ontario Liberals in Opposition used to go on about corporate welfare (subsidies from government to corporations) to match the NDP rants on the same. The Ontario Liberal Government in power created the Green Energy policies that are now regulated...
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Mar 4, 2015

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