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currently have: #vintage #monet #napier #laveno #meakin #booths #wildbryde and lots of other junk/bits and bobs for just 99p #beatschina!— Vintage Zombie + Dog (@tearsintherain1) April 8, 2016...
by Vintage Zombie on Apr 8, 2016

‘Louboutins’ Jennifer Lopez choreography by Jasmine Meakin (Mega Jam)

Dance class with Jasmine Meakin ( We are based in Brisbane, Australia. Can’t get enough of this track…. love love love it So cute and… Clip liên quan: ‘Your Body’ Christina Aguilera choreography by Ja...
by Video Clip Youtube on Oct 11, 2014

~ Sometimes It's the Little Things That Make Us Smile~

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you having a great day! It's a beautiful crisp winter day here. How's your week going so far, has it been a productive one? I've gotten loads of things done, many more to come, I'm slowly whittling down...
by lynnesgiftsfromtheheart on Jan 16, 2013

‘On the Floor’ Jennifer Lopez choreography by Jasmine Meakin

Fave track at the moment… and absolutely loved dancing to this one…. killer class!! J Lo is da bomb!! Hip hop classes with Jaz Meakin (Mega Jam) Brisbane, Australia. thanks you guys for being in the video...
by new music blog on Nov 21, 2012

Aunt Jody's Birthday

I'm hosting a luncheon to celebrate my Aunt Jody's birthday Friday, so I thought I would give you a peek at the tablescape I am putting together. My aunt was the postmaster in this community for years before retiring. I have invited the ladies f...
by Far Above Rubies on Aug 1, 2012

Sharp Dressed Woman: Katryn Kruger by James Meakin for Stella Magazine March 2012 [Editorial]

Katryn Kruger is styled by Charlie Harrington as a ‘Shar...
by Notoriety Inc. on Mar 23, 2012

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