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Has Rift Only Been Around for Four Years?

I ask because in my gut it feels like Rift has been around longer, that it has joined the pantheon of elder games, that it has traveled a long, long road to get where it is today. I think Rift has just lived life at an accelerated pace, having gone t...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Mar 11, 2015

A Decade in Post-Cataclysm Norrath

We are in the midst of a few different EverQuest II moments, and I am going to mash them together into one post as they are all mildly related. The first is that today EverQuest II is launching a new expansion, the Altar of Malice. The expansion is o...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Nov 11, 2014

On Being There – EVE Online Goes to Eleven

It is odd. Every year on March 16, I write something about EverQuest’s anniversary.  Even when I am not actually playing the game… even when I haven’t been playing the game for ages… I will write a post about my memories of t...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on May 6, 2014

One Hundred and Twenty Million Skill Points

Months pass, seasons change, and suddenly I am at another round number with my main character in EVE Online.  You can see the timeline of round numbers so far: Ten million – November 2007 Twenty million – June 2008 Thirty million – January 200...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Apr 7, 2014

Two Thousand Tank Battles

World of Tanks has been around for a while at this point. It was a little over three years ago when we started hearing about the game.  We are a couple months past the two year marker since we were trying out in open beta.  And we are about three w...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Mar 26, 2013

Fourteen Years of EverQuest

by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Mar 16, 2013

A Year in Null Sec

A year ago yesterday I first set foot into 0.0 space in EVE Online. Well, at least on purpose.  There was that incident early in my career. This time around my friend Gaff, who had been in null sec for some time as part of the TNT alliance, sponsore...
by The Ancient Gaming Noob on Dec 19, 2012

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