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Making Sales Coaching Visible, Practical, and Accountable

According to Aberdeen Research, coached teams achieve 15% higher lead conversion rates and 14% shorter sales cycles than teams that are not coached (Aberdeen, 2014) … but we don’t really need research to justify coaching — it’s intuitive to a...

How to Measure ROI of Trade Shows

Trade show offer valuable marketing and public relations benefits, including sales leads, media coverage and brand exposure. Trade shows are also expensive. Booth space, attendee registration, booth design and setup, giveaways, promotions, employees...
by CyberAlert on Aug 4, 2016

How To Setup and Programming Endress+Hauser PROSONIC Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Do you familiar with ENDRESS+HAUSER brand?This time I would like to share about How to setup and programming the PROSONIC Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter.Also I have attached with video from ENDRESS+HAUSER,method and detail step how to setup the progr...
by Electrical Engineering Centre on Jul 27, 2016

Social Media Analytics Soon to Predict Consumer Behavior

Predictive analytics may be the next phase for social media monitoring and measurement. The pattern of posts by consumers in social media often reveals interests, preferences and intent of individuals or groups. Predictive analytics employs data mini...
by CyberAlert on Jul 20, 2016

PR Measurement and Marketing Lessons from Trump’s Successful Primary Campaign

Donald Trump’s primary victories and imminent nomination as Republican presidential candidate took pundits, public relations and marketing experts by surprise. If anyone should have predicted Trump’s success, it’s PR pros. After all, politics i...
by CyberAlert on Jul 19, 2016

How Nonprofits Succeed in Social Media Marketing

Most nonprofits understand that social media offers an increasingly powerful channel for communicating with constituencies, soliciting donations and promoting their cause. Nonprofit social media marketing is growing three times as fast as email. Emai...
by CyberAlert on Jul 15, 2016

Social Media Listening: Huge Benefits Await Pharma, Biotech Firms that Surmount Regulatory Fears

Although many pharmaceutical and biotech companies have a social media presence, most do not take full advantage of the wealth of information obtainable through social media listening, experts say. Many healthcare companies hesitate to adopt social m...
by CyberAlert on Jul 15, 2016

Srabanti Chatterjee Biography With Bra Size, Age, Weight, Height, Measurements

  Srabanti Chatterjee is a Tollywood popular actress who is well known as named Srabanti. She is very much famous to the young generation for her nice looking physical appearance on the silver screen. Srabanti got much popularity within very sho...
by Smartrena on Jul 15, 2016

Facebook Live: A New Public Relations Opportunity

Facebook Live may offer a new and valuable media relations options for PR pros. Facebook recently began promoting its live streaming service and has started paying major publishers like BuzzFeed, The New York Times and the Huffington Post to use the...
by CyberAlert on Jul 1, 2016

The Challenges of Realizing Benefits from Marketing Data

Marketers struggle to access data and understand customers, new research reveals. Despite efforts to make data more accessible to marketing teams, 46 percent of marketers are dissatisfied with the amount of data available to them, and more than half...
by CyberAlert on Jun 30, 2016

The Surprising Value of Social Media for Investor Relations

Social media clearly offers PR and marketing benefits. So why aren’t investor relations (IR) specialists taking advantage of social media to a greater extent? Most corporate investor relations practitioners polled in the National Investor Relations...
by CyberAlert on Jun 29, 2016

dBadge2 IS Noise Dosimeter by Casella

The dBadge2 is an IS certified, shoulder mounted, wireless noise dosimeter. Read dBadge2 IS Noise Dosimeter by Casella on Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings.
by FacilityBlog on Jun 23, 2016

IOM Identity Management Platform by SRI Identity

The Identity on the Move (IOM) Identity Management Platform is a software solution for access control, surveillance, and personnel management. Read IOM Identity Management Platform by SRI Identity on Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Building...
by FacilityBlog on Jun 17, 2016

How to Measure the Impact of Streaming Video in PR, Marketing and Employee Communications

With the surging popularity of digital streaming, video has clearly become an increasingly important PR and marketing strategy. The video programs can range from 6-second snippets to 30-minute documentaries. Sixty percent of marketers use video in th...
by CyberAlert on Jun 15, 2016

Protect Your Brand against Rampant Social Media Fraud

Social media makes it easy to find old friends. It also makes committing fraud incredibly easy. Cyber security consultant RSA calls social media fraud a global epidemic. Its investigators have uncovered a glut of fraud groups that sell and share stol...
by CyberAlert on Jun 15, 2016

Untapped Benefits of Media Monitoring for Competitive Intelligence

It should be obvious that knowledge about competitors is critical business information. Yet almost half the companies that collect competitive intelligence are not using the data to make strategic decisions, according to a recent survey. The Academy...
by CyberAlert on Jun 13, 2016

Major Changes Ahead for Public Relations Industry, Executives Say

The public relations industry will undergo extensive changes in response to new technologies, additional communications channels, increased demand for content and greater use of data within the next five years, PR agency and corporate leaders report.
by CyberAlert on Jun 2, 2016

PR Implications: The Fast-Growing News Reach of Social Media

The fact that more people obtain their news through social media may not be surprising. What may be surprising is the fast growth of social media as news channels. Almost two-thirds of adult Americans get their news on social media — 18% do so...
by CyberAlert on Jun 1, 2016

6 Common PR Mistakes Start-ups Must Avoid

Public relations can provide substantial benefits to startups, even early-stage startups. PR does more than support product launches. PR can help attract venture capital and other investor support, introduce products and services, and entice top-notc...
by CyberAlert on May 31, 2016

Facebook Sees Sluggish Reaction to its New Reactions, Limiting Social Media Measurement Value

Facebook is receiving little reaction to its new emoji reactions buttons. Since February, users can select from a range of emoji options that describe their feelings about a post, including love, ha-ha, yay, wow, sad and angry. As with likes, Faceboo...
by CyberAlert on May 27, 2016

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