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Japanese Women Cannot Visit You Many Times without Certain Visa

If you have been corresponding with a Japanese woman for a while, we think it is best for you to come to Japan to meet her in person first instead of her visiting you in the US.The reason is that many of our Japanese female members who have visited h...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 1, 2015

If You Are Over 50 and Want to Meet Younger Japanese Women …..

Have you ever thought about the age gap?As everyone knows, we only accept male and female clients who are looking for a marriage partner as a member. That means that our members’ purpose for joining is “Marriage”. Most Japanese women are lookin...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jun 8, 2014

If You Expect Japanese Women to Have Higher Degrees

Some of our male members would prefer to meet Japanese women who have masters or higher degrees. This may be because in the US, people who have higher degrees can find better paying jobs. However.....>>>Click to read Meet Japan
by Meet Japan Lady .com on May 25, 2014

When the First Meeting Goes Awry

One of our female members visited a man in Los Angeles who was introduced to her by a friend of hers. (He is NOT one of our male members.)After staying at his house for a few days, she was told by him,“The toilet paper is running out faster after y...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Feb 8, 2014

I Met One of MJL’s Male Members in NYC

As I wrote in this blog, I visited New York City in the second week of January. Fortunately, it was a wonderful day: sunny and not too cold.I made an appointment with one of our male members who lives in NYC. He had just returned from his vacation in...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 20, 2014

My Journey to New York City in 2014

I decided to go to New York once a month in 2014.Why?I am looking for single professionals!!!Of course, not for me J since I have a wonderful husband!!!I am looking for gentlemen who want to meet Japanese women for lifelong partnerships. I have been...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 19, 2014

Do you Plan to Visit Japan in 2014?

♥ Happy New Year We started our work at MJL this year on Monday, January 6th, 2014.As you may know, in Japan, New Year’s Day is like the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays in the US. Many Japanese people take a long vacation, travel abroad,...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 7, 2014

Find an Honest Japanese Woman

Our family drives to Pennsylvania about every three weeks in order to get fresh spring water. It is about a 40 minutes’ drive from Baltimore, and it is great to breathe fresh air and feel peace in rural Pennsylvania.The owner of the sprin...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Nov 19, 2013

How Our “Two Weeks Reply Rule” Works - Being Responsible Is Most Important

We appreciate that most of our male and female members are very responsible since they are NOT looking for boyfriends/girlfriends but they are sincerely looking for their lifelong partner. However, some members do not communicate with us or other me...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jun 23, 2013

The More Selections You Have, The More Difficult to Choose Here is a lecture titled: Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar. In her study,  she has found that it is difficult for people to choose when there are too many choices.  I agree with this study, and...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jun 3, 2013

Romance Scammers

Do you know about the phrase “Romance Scammer”? They sneak around online dating sites pretending to be a person who is looking for a partner. However, their purpose is not to find sincere love, rather they are looking for money and/or sex. They u...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jan 21, 2013

Sat Jan 12th 2013 : A Special Members Only Private Event With Luna + Her American Husband

We will have a Special Members Only Private Event in January! Now is the time to make your New Year's Resolution and take action to create the happy married life you've always dreamed about! Attending this special event is a great way to accelerate...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Dec 21, 2012

Race Across America

My husband and I visited Annapolis 2 weeks ago to meet one of MJL's male clients. There was a special event taking place there called, Race Across America. RAAM RAAM is a bicycle race from Oceanside, CA to...
by Meet Japan Lady .com on Jul 6, 2012

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