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Challenging the traditional conference model

An interesting take on conference culture by Diogo Veríssimo (mastermind behind I Fucking Love Biodiversity). — Just a few weeks back, more than 2000 conservationists got together in Montpellier, France, for the 27th International Congress on...
by Conservation Bytes on Aug 27, 2015

Highlights Chandra Babu Meeting Narendra Modi Live Online @ 25 August 2015 AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu Meeting With PM Narendra Modi News Online Live telecast

AP CM and PM Meeting News 2015 Results  Live  2015 Online , AP CM Chandra Babu naidu Meeting PM News  Online 2015 Live, Online Live AP CM Meet PM Narendra Modi   Today 25  August  2015  Meeting AP Cm and PM  Video Online, AP Special Status A...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Aug 25, 2015

Present Pawan Face to Face Talk Penumaka Farmers Live Online @ 23 August 2015 Pawan kalyan Meeting Penumaka Online Live

Pawan Kalyan Visit Penumaka  Live  2015 Online , Pawan Meeting Penumaka Online 2015 Live, Online Live  Pawan Meeting at Penumaka  Today 23 August  2015  Pawan Talk wih AP Over Land Acquisition Penumaka Video Online,  Pawan Kalyan  Meeting  P...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Aug 23, 2015

Pawan Missed the stone Penumaka Farmers Meeting Live Online @ 23 August 2015 Pawan kalyan Pelted With Stone Meeting Penumaka Online Live

Pawan Kalyan pelted with stone Visit Penumaka Meeting   Live  2015 Online , Pawan  pelted with stone Meeting Penumaka Online 2015 Live, Online Live  Pawan  pelted with stone Meeting at Penumaka  Today 23 August  2015  Pawan pelted with stone...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Aug 23, 2015

A writing prompt I can actually use

I subscribe to a daily e-mail that offers ideas for blog posts. My posts are always fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, spur-of-the-moment drivel. Even in the old days, when I did a quote on Fridays, I searched for and wrote about the quote on Friday, usual...
by Knit. Run. Repeat. on Aug 11, 2015

Alexandria Police Holding Follow-up Community Meeting

Alexandria Police are asking neighbors to join them for a community meeting on Wednesday, July 29, at 7:00 PM, at Charles Houston Recreation Center. APD will be following up on neighborhood concerns expressed at the community meeting held on July 6.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 24, 2015

Conociendo el mal: Encuentro con el mal: Meeting Evil (2011) BRrip

Conociendo el mal: Encuentro con el mal: Meeting Evil (2011) Dvdrip La vida de John Felton (Luke Wilson) cambia el día en el que abre la puerta de su casa a un desconocido llamado Richie (Samuel L. Jackson). Éste le pide ayuda porque tiene un probl...
by on Jul 18, 2015

ASCAP Announces Dates for “I Create Music Expo”

ascap announced that its 11th annual ascap “I Create Music” EXPO will take place April... Click link above for story...
by Radio Facts on Jul 17, 2015

5 Women Writers Who Want You to Go Exploring

Preface: this is not an article about quitting your job and traveling the world—though I’d totally support that, too. It’s an article about exploration, and the seamless way in which love and curiosity can compel us all to be brave R...
by Book Riot on Jul 17, 2015

Miss Donna Story

Dear Beneficiary, Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3 days ago. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of $10.5million d...
by Scam on Jul 15, 2015

How to Prepare for a Meeting: Step #9

by Gary CohenThe critical 9 steps of how to prepare for a meeting are ...The post How to Prepare for a Meeting: Step #9 appeared first on Elements of Leadership.

The Voice of a Strong Alexandria Community

Alexandria, Virginia City Council candidate Fernando Torrez writes in about the recent community meeting led by the Alexandria Police Department.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 9, 2015

Morning Links

For our Morning Links, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 9, 2015

Hundreds Attend Alexandria Community Meeting on Recent Shootings

Last night, hundreds of neighbors from the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood and across Alexandria, Virginia attended a community meeting on the recent shootings.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 7, 2015

REMINDER: Alexandria Police Holding Community Meeting TONIGHT

REMINDER:: The Alexandria Police Department (APD) will be holding a community meeting at the Charles Houston Recreation Center tonight at 7:00 PM to address community concerns regarding the homicide that occurred on July 2, 2015.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 6, 2015

Progress not Perfection

When I need a spiritual “tune up” I go back to basics. I up my meditation, go to more AA meetings and go to chapel more regularly. I have over the last few years drifted away from what I used to do in terms of my recovery. I took time out...

What to Expect at Your First Weight Watchers Meeting

You took a huge step in your weight-loss journey by making the decision to join Weight Watchers—congrats! Of course you did your research, so you know it’s a frequent list-topper when it comes to weight-loss programs (U.S. News & World R...
by Weight Watchers Recipes on Jun 24, 2015

Live Jayalalithaa Election Campaign RK Nagar Bypoll Online @ Today 22 June 2015 Live Telecast

Jayalalitha  Election Campaign Bypoll2015 Live Online , Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa RK Nagar By poll Election Meeting Video 2015 Live, Online Live Jayalalitha Rk Nagar Election Campaign RK Nagar Online, Today 22 June 2015 TN Chief Minister Jayalalith...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Jun 21, 2015

Making friends and meeting new people in London

by Moving to London on Jun 19, 2015

Hello World!

Hey Y’all, This is my very first post, and I was thinking about my life and was wondering where I’m heading. Aren’t we all though? Well, most of us think of what were doing next or what were doing later. We’re always making...
by Our Stunning Chaos on Jun 18, 2015

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