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Back to School Organization for YOU

Hooray….it's almost time for the kids to go back to school!! Don't get me wrong…I L-O-V-E Summer. The lazy days. The warmth. Time outside. But, at some point, it's time to get back to business and that means getting my boys back to school and all...
by Pretty Pink Tulips on Aug 17, 2015

manifesto :: EVOLVE

I get a lot of questions from fellow moms and non-moms about 'How do you juggle it all?'  I guess I don't see it as juggling, it just IS.  Life as a parent is hard.  Life as a working parent is equally hard.  The reality is I real...
by Lucite + Lavender on Jul 3, 2013

Friday Fashion + Fun

I'm a bag lady. I just love them. To me, they often make the outfit.  So, after seeing Meg Biram's custom purse illustration (below), I just had to learn more about the artist. Kristina Hultkrantz is the girly-girl designer behind these fabulous...
by Pretty Pink Tulips on Mar 8, 2013

Friday Fashion - The Manifesto T

This "T" idea was meant to be!!! Mega blogger, digital and social media guru Meg Biram has created the Manifesto T and I love the idea and the shirt! Here's the idea. Each month, Meg will design a "manifesto"(a written statemen...
by Pretty Pink Tulips on Jan 18, 2013

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