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MegaMan Zero 4 (U)

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Megaman VII (USA)

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Mega Man Mega Buster

The Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica is a real work of art. Turn it on and you'll hear a power up sound and watch the power meter fill up. Reach in, grab the handle, and you're ready for action. Quickly pull the trigger and you'll hear a single fire...
by OmoshiroiTV on Mar 17, 2015

Mega Man Helmet

The Mega Man Helmet is not really made to be worn; it's all for show. But what a show! The base features USB-powered LEDs, which shine up to illuminate the removable helmet. But the cool thing is, when you place the Mega Man Helmet on its base, the s...
by OmoshiroiTV on Mar 16, 2015

Preview Gameplay Terbaru Mighty No. 9

Kalian pasti sudah kenal dengan karakter Megaman. Robot biru yang merupakan ikon tulang punggung Capcom pada generasi awal. Kemunculannya pada video game Megaman menjadi pemandangan mainstream di kalangan industri game. Tapi sangat disayangkan karena...
by KantaKu on May 31, 2014

Hideo Muraoka graces Mega Man May 2014

Hideo Muraoka is the cover guy of Mega Man May 2014. The Brazilian-Japanese model is looking hot and sexy on the cover photo of the magazine, showing his firm chest, biceps and 6 pack abs. He’s photographed by JC Cerilla. The mags’ latest issue w...
by Pinoy Manila on May 4, 2014

Breve historia de los videojuegos – El bombardero azul: orígenes e historia de Megaman

Breve historia de los videojuegos…Por César del Campo de Acuña Para todos aquellos que crecimos con la generación de los 8-bits el personaje Mega Man no es ningún desconocido. Sus primeros juegos para Nintendo Entertainment System pueden se...
by on Jan 1, 2014

25 años de Megaman celebrados con dos discos

Los Fans tambien son muy dados a festejar los aniversarios de sus franquicias favoritas, y que mejor forma de hacerlo con Megaman que recopilando todos los impresionantes temas de su banda sonora a lo largo de todos los juegos que han sido publicados...

LVU Sonic head for National Premier Soccer League Final Four

The special colors will only be available for a limited time—and won't be offered at the same time. Read more about the 2014 Sonic at Car and Driver. In the first three issues of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog / Mega Man mini-series. That ha...

Megaman Cosplay

Mega Man ​​(known in Japan as Rockman) is the main character of the videogame Mega Man It is an android created in the year 20XX by Dr. Thomas Light into the world of eponymous video game series created by Capcom&...
by OmoshiroiTV on Apr 18, 2013


 Increible interpretacion de la cancion del tema del mandril de Megaman X cantada "a capela" por el usuario SmoothMcGroove. Cuidado que es adictiva. Les recomiendo revisar su cuenta de Youtube tiene mas canciones buenas como Castlevania o Zelda.
by peruanismos on Apr 6, 2013

Megaman Buster can Be Oredered Online with Free Game!

The megaman megabuster USB drive is supposed to be going on sale this week at Capcom unity.  I’m looking forward to it going on sale because it’s something megaman related that I actually want and I’ll be ordering it online when it does come o...
by Moonbotset on Mar 6, 2013

Online Megaman Games: Megaman X Street Fighter

Megaman x Street Fighter has to be the strangest thing to ever come out if Capcom. It’s an online megaman game and best yet it’s free to download. It’s in the style of the old megaman games being a platformer and more than that it&#...
by Moonbotset on Mar 3, 2013

Robôs famosos

by Eu Tenhu Blogger on Mar 3, 2013

Online Megaman Games

Today I’m going to talk about megaman again. You know what my favorite megaman series was? You probably do by now but it was the Megaman Battle Network series. It was megaman but an online megaman game. The entire game took place on the interne...
by Moonbotset on Mar 1, 2013

Megaman 6 My favorite Megaman Game

Today we’re going to talk about megaman. My favorite Megaman game was always Megaman 6. Of course it was also the first megaman game I’d ever played. And shortly after Megaman 6 I got into playing Megaman X. The X Series will always have...
by Moonbotset on Feb 26, 2013

Megaman Legends 2

I just finished watching a Megaman Legends 2 Let’s Play by Vprisoner. It was a very fun series to watch. I’ve never played the second one but I did play Megaman Legends one or Megaman 64 like I knew it since I owned a 64. Legends was a ve...
by Moonbotset on Feb 23, 2013

Super Mario CROSSOVER = Mario + Megaman + Zelda + Ninja Gaiden

Obrigado por assistir! =) Confira meu canal pirocudo: Siga-me no Twitter: Curta minha pagina do Faceboga: Link para o game:

Megaman X review en español por king Feria
by watchaplayin on Jan 13, 2013

Awesome Video Game Music 50: Zero’s Theme (Megaman X3 Ver).

Zero’s Theme from Megaman X3. I’M Back, I’ll explain something soon in an Update Video. This song = AWESOMENESS. All of the Video Stuff is owned by their respective owners.

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