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Jewelry Find at Megiddo

Hot off the presses…..or screen since this is a digital world…..pieces of gold and silver jewelry have been found at Tel Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel.   The find actually occurred back in March, but it has taken this...
by Got Bible? on Jun 4, 2012

Megiddo I - The March to Armageddon

Documentary about Bible prophecies and their fulfillment. Some men have taken dark oaths that are leading the world into self-destruction. In this technological era we're living in, what will happen to human spirituality? What will become of us? Will...
by Gerald Celente Blog on Feb 12, 2011

Megiddo may hold keys to history

The Book of Revelation says the biblical fortress of Armageddon will be the site of an apocalyptic battle between good and evil at the end of time. Scientists believe it could also be the place where time begins -- at least for archaeology. In a gro...
by The Archaeology News Network on Dec 27, 2010

Chemists help archaeologists to probe biblical history

Fabled as a site of biblical battles and spectacular palaces, Tel Megiddo today is a dusty mound overlooking Israel's Jezreel valley. It is also host to one of the hottest debates in archaeology — a controversy over the historical truth of the Bibl...
by The Archaeology News Network on Dec 1, 2010

Armageddon: Digging biblical history at the end of the world

Tel Aviv University archaeologists are studying Tel Megiddo, the New Testament location of Armageddon, and unearthing truths about King Solomon. Some come to dig the archeological site at Tel Megiddo because they are enchanted by ancient stories of...
by The Archaeology News Network on Jul 6, 2010

Baixar Megiddo - The Omega Code 2 2001- Filme Evangelico

O mundo está à beria do Apocalipse. A batalha final entre o Bem e o Mal acontece no vale de Megiddo, antiga palavra hebraica para o local conhecido como Armageddon. Forças do Mal acumularam um exército poderoso para uma guerra que joga um contine...
by Pentecostal Net Web Radio on Oct 1, 2009

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