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On This Day – January 22nd 1913

Memorial Cross Raised On Observation Hill Terra Nova Expedition On January 22nd 1913 Tom Crean, and the rest of the expedition team raised a memorial cross in honour of the Polar Party, all of whom had died on their return march from the South Pole.
by Tom Crean Discovery on Jan 22, 2016

-Mt. Soledad Cross Controversy Settled After 25 Years

   (Mount Soledad Memorial Cross: Wikipedia) The 25 year Mt. Soledad controversy over the prominent cross displayed at a war memorial in San Diego CA has finally been settled. There have been millions spent on lawsuits and court cases over...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 23, 2015

Among the Clouds, Mt Macedon, Victoria. June 2015.

Are you aware of my half-baked blogging system? Essentially, every time I mention what the next post will be, I end up changing my mind about 0.8 seconds later. It's like I'm being stubborn with myself. I suppose it really doesn't matter, unless whil...
by Hiking Fiasco on Jun 25, 2015

-Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross Case for Now

              (Monument on Mt. Soledad:  **Mary**) The Supreme Court of the US refused to hear the Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross case for now. The controversy over the memorial cross...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 3, 2014

-Mohave Memorial Cross Resurrected on Veterans Day

(Photo Credit: NPS/Eric Nystrom) From The Blaze: A war memorial cross that once stood on a rocky hilltop in a national park before being deemed unconstitutional and ordered removed has been resurrected on Veterans Day in the stunningly stark Mojave d...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Nov 12, 2012

-Case Settled: Mohave Cross is Coming Back

         The Mojave Memorial Cross  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) From ABC News: A federal judge approved the lawsuit settlement on Monday, permitting the park service to turn over a remote hilltop area known...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Apr 27, 2012

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