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Metal Man Loves Tungsten Ring

This post is a review from my son-in-law Greg as told to me. I love metal. As a welder and blacksmith I bend, pound and shape metal to make all sorts of useful and artistic items.  Ironically (okay a little iron pun there) heavy metal is my musi...
by Erase Negativity on Feb 11, 2014

Men If You Love Wearing Faith Based Jewelry I Have A Men's Ring For You That I'd Like For You To See

Men if you love wearing FAITH BASED jewelry I have a ring for you that i'd like for you to see! The ring you see here is made in STERLING SILVER with a 14KT YELLOW GOLD CROSS on top.The MEN'S CROSS RING you see here comes in FINGER SIZES 6,7,8,9,10,1...
by James Is A Jeweler on Dec 5, 2013

Men’s Fashion Advice – How to wear your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Much is said and written about the correct way to wear engagement and wedding rings. The fact is, of course, that different cultures and traditions have their own ’correct’ way and these change as years go by. Some wedding ring … Continue r...

Men’s Fashion Advice – How To Design Custom Engagement Rings

A post kindly from our friend Jennifer!: In the last few years, designers noticed that their costume jewellery and their watches increased in retail stores and on shopping channels. However, they saw the most profit when they began doing bespoke R...

If You're Looking For A Men's Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band I Have Them Available

If you're looking for a men's invisible set princess cut diamond wedding band. I have them available in both 14kt white gold and 14kt yellow gold, from a 1.00 carat total weight to a 2.00 carat total weight.Should you want an even larger carat weight...
by James Is A Jeweler on Sep 30, 2013

Men’s & Women’s Jewelry Advice – Engagements!

Couples looking to make a lifelong commitment to one another will need to find the right engagement rings to symbolize their future union and love for one another. When groom goes to look for the perfect piece to present to … Read the entire po...

Men’s Fashion Review – Tungsten Carbide Nitro Ring

In the world of band-style rings for men, you will find traditional “tried and true” materials like silver, gold, and platinum. All three of these precious metals can be both pricey and damage over time. However, in recent times there … Rea...

Mens Diamond Wedding Rings Cheap

Buying Mens Diamond Wedding Rings: Marriage is an obligation for human beings. Marriage is a bond of two human beings who love each other and need, and have the same goal which is to design a better future. Besides that, the wedding is also useful fo...
by Wedding Ring Sets on Feb 23, 2013

Cartier Diamond Rings Price

Cartier Diamond Rings Set Wedding ring is a valid proof to allow between a man and a woman who love each other to live together happily ever after. Given the importance of a wedding ring, it is not a few people are willing to spend a lot of wealth an...
by Wedding Ring Sets on Jan 26, 2013

Black Tungsten Rings for Men

Black Tungsten Rings: If the first diamond and jewelry are two things that are always associated with a woman, but now that tradition has changed, today we have heard and even saw the group of men who dressed very neat and fashionable; people refer t...
by Diamond Engagement Rings on Dec 29, 2012

Silver Jewelry for Men.

Silver is a metal best recognized for its shining white color, and its affordable price. Learn more about buying silver jewelry for men.
by The Wedding Ring on Nov 9, 2012

Rings from is one of the largest online jewelry store which you can find and order all types of jewelry, diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings and many more for you to shop with free shipping on all order plus 30 day money bac...
by Coupon Online Codes on Oct 22, 2012

Men When You Want A Custom Made Ring Or Diamond Ring For Yourself Talk To Me

Men when you're looking for a nice "STERLING SILVER, GOLD, PALLADIUM, OR PLATINUM" ring with or without diamonds, talk to me. I feel that when it comes to men's rings the jewelry stores are out of touch with the majority of male jewelry buyers who vi...
by James Is A Jeweler on Sep 28, 2012

Men’s Silver Rings

Silver rings have been famous for ages for symbols of wealth and prosperity. Not many people can afford this as status symbol. It also has been dubbed for seriousness in love. In modern times men’s silver rings are getting even more important r...
by ATLPC Jewelry Blog on Jul 20, 2012

Fashion Rings for Men

When I think of men’s rings, generally one of two types come to mind: class rings or wedding bands.  Of course there is a huge selection of fashion rings for men on the market.  Yet, sometimes the choices for men’s fashion rings look a...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Jul 6, 2012

6 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings.

Choosing a wedding ring for a man is as important as choosing a woman’s ring. You want to ensure that you select a wedding ring that suits his personality.
by The Wedding Ring on Jun 14, 2012

Wedding ring customization – get your ring, your way.

Examples of how one wedding ring can be made many ways. Not all wedding ring manufacturers can change their ring designs.
by The Wedding Ring on Apr 25, 2012

Wedding rings made with silver and gold - Precious Bond rings.

Wedding rings don’t have to be plain or ordinary. Precious Bond™ wedding rings are made with silver and gold.
by The Wedding Ring on Apr 23, 2012

New Wedding Rings: Pink gold and Argentium Silver ring.

Wedding ring 0-10090-7FTWPAS is a 7mm wide Argentium Silver and pink gold ring with black rhodium grooves and a textured center.
by The Wedding Ring on Apr 11, 2012

New Wedding Rings: Gold ring with black diamonds.

Wedding ring 0-D10027-7FWAS is a 7mm wide Argentium Silver and white gold ring with black diamonds and black rhodium.
by The Wedding Ring on Apr 11, 2012

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