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Psych Meds or No Psych Meds

Mind science is full of polemic possibilities, and it's our collective team mission, if you read CorePsych News, or Core Psych Blog, or work with us at CoreBrain Training, to spread the word on the confusions present in some of the current mind-care...
by CorePsychBlog on Feb 27, 2012

Executive Functions and Disorders Related to it

Executive functions (FE) dealing with higher order skills of the brain. Include a set of cognitive skills, such as attention, inhibition of irrelevant information, working memory, mental flexibility, organization, anticipation, inhibition, control of...
by Ayurvedic Herbal Cure Blog on Feb 23, 2012

Inside the Mind of a Pedophile

Lately there have been incidents all around the world regarding pedophilia. In LA they arrested 2 kindergarten teachers that have been taking pictures of little children blindfolded and posing innocently in what authorities perceive as a sexual posit...
by The Hilncore Blog on Feb 14, 2012

Amy Winehouse and rehabbing the stigma of substance abuse– FemThreads

FemThreads explores, critiques and celebrates feminism and fashion in the 21st century. The nine contributors offer a feminist analysis of news and culture, and explore the ways to define and play with personal style – which means they will sometim...
by Worthy Mentions on Aug 8, 2011

Mental Disorder - Anger,your Faith (EP)

Band : Mental DisorderAlbum : Anger,your Faith (EP)Origin : GreeceYear : 2010Genre : Death MetalLyrics : Society,Common Issues,RevolutionLabel : Self-Released Tracklist1. Intro 01:24 2. Control Your Madness 05:083. Kill Intention 02:434. Re...
by Black Metal Universe on Jan 24, 2011

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