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Top Mental Health Blog Posts – 2015

By David Joel Miller. What were the most read posts here in over the last year? The year 2015 is coming to a close. Time to look back and look ahead. Below is the list of the top 10 … Continue reading →...
by counseolrssoapbox on Dec 31, 2015

Making 2015 a great year

By David Joel Miller What is ahead for you in 2015? Happy New Year From Photo courtesy of The New Year is upon us. For some this has come too soon, you were not ready to let 2014 … Continue reading →...
by counseolrssoapbox on Jan 1, 2015

Most read mental health blog posts 2015.

By David Joel Miller What have people been reading on this last year? Here is a list of the most read mental health, mental illness and substance abuse posts on over the last 12 month. Some of these …...
by counseolrssoapbox on Dec 31, 2014

Mental Illness – counselorssoapbox looks back and ahead.

By David Joel Miller Mental health – Mental illness – the field is changing. Mental illness has been in the news a lot this past year. Some of that coverage has been a good thing, some not so much. The … Continue reading →...
by counseolrssoapbox on Dec 29, 2014

What it means to do what you can, when you can (#wycwyc)

Throughout the year, we face all kinds of challenges that get in the way of our best intentions. For me—and maybe for you, too—the holiday season and the winter months pose an even great challenge to do what you can, when you can. Carla a...

10 Secrets Of Severe Health Anxiety Recoverers

A few years ago I was able to put an end to my severe health anxiety naturally…   A condition that leaves millions of people in the dark and completely confused. Since my recovery from severe health anxiety, I’ve dedicated an enormou...
by The Anxious Athlete on Sep 20, 2014

The Cold Hard Truth About You, Your Anxiety, And The World Around You

Alright, so if you’re reading this right now you are either: 1) Extremely intrigued by the title 2) Have an anxiety disorder and are stopping by to read more information on anxiety (as if you aren’t an expert already) The truth is if you&...
by The Anxious Athlete on Jul 17, 2014

Have An Anxiety Free Friday Everyone

Anger is the greatest tool against anxiety, if used correctly. Here's some inspiration against anxiety.
by The Anxious Athlete on Feb 7, 2014

Top 10 Mental Health Blog posts of 2013

By David Joel Miller Here are the most read mental health blog posts from 2013, at least the most read posts here on With over 700 posts now available here on a few continue to be read and … Continue...
by counseolrssoapbox on Dec 31, 2013

This Mornings Breakfast!

Holy veggie overload Batman! Anyone care to share their own anxiety busting breakfast from the day, be my guest! Also a big thank you to the new followers of the anxious athlete blog. Dennis...
by The Anxious Athlete on Dec 3, 2013

A Monday Message

Remember that time when you did something you were extremely proud of? Do you remember what your body language looked like? If nothing else, today is a good day to play the role of someone who genuinely loves the direction their life is going. Monday...
by The Anxious Athlete on Nov 18, 2013

Soo Which Way To California Again?

Calgary weather today could fuel anyone’s anxiety levels..unless the meaning of cold and snow changes? Ok, now there’s a challenge.
by The Anxious Athlete on Nov 17, 2013

How To Stop Anxiety… Final Step

Patience The key ingredient that puts everything together, impatience is the result of being dissatisfied or angry about slow progress, being overwhelmed by this new direction that you are taking can make you feel like you’re losing the motivation...
by The Anxious Athlete on Nov 14, 2013

How To Stop Anxiety… Step 2

Complete Acceptance For people that are struggling with GAD, learning to have complete acceptance of the fact that you have an anxiety disorder (and nothing more) as well as accepting the temporary discomforts that come with anxiety provoking experie...
by The Anxious Athlete on Nov 7, 2013

Athletes And Anxiety / The Life Of A Low Level Tennis Professional Living The Dream Part 3

I had to have another practice session that day to get over what had happened so I worked my tail off and practiced for a good two hours, but no prize money in this event meant I needed to be even more stingy with my money. My other two friends also...
by The Anxious Athlete on Nov 1, 2013

What You Must Know About Panic Disorder

The manifestation of anxiety can cause many to experience debilitating symptoms of panic attacks which can lead to an avoidance of situations, places and even people. There are two types of people though, there are people that experience a panic atta...
by The Anxious Athlete on Oct 20, 2013

How Winnie The Pooh Contributed To Changing My Thought Process

Funny thing happened today, I had a flashback to the days of suffering through an anxiety disorder and I made a very important distinction between how my thought process was then, compared to how my thought process is now. Back then I allowed people...
by The Anxious Athlete on Oct 7, 2013

Best Anxiety And Depression Supplement On The Market?

  Simply put Bio Strath is magic in a bottle, and possibly the best anti anxiety and depression supplement out there. With no known side effects this herbal mixture that includes basil, angelica, balm, caraway, chamomile, cinnamon, elder, lavend...
by The Anxious Athlete on Oct 4, 2013

Nachos and Wine!

Everyone deserves a cheat day, or two? I’m told I make the greatest nachos, I may have overdone it with the two bags instead of one though…...
by The Anxious Athlete on Oct 3, 2013

Tennis, Italy, Benzodiazepines And My Life Flashing Before My Eyes

I had to do something right away so that I could get a good night’s sleep before the important tennis practice that I had the next day. After the practice would be a match in the afternoon, another typical day I had while training and playing profe...
by The Anxious Athlete on Sep 4, 2013

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