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Synagogues and My Mezuzahs

Several synagogues have been ordering my designs lately - one in San Francisco and one in Melbourne. I recently asked on Facebook if anyone had seen my mezuzahs at the Bowdon Synagogue in South Manchester, England. This is the delightf...

Can you hang a Mezuzah on your Toronto Condo?

There is a debate about whether you can install a Mezuzah on your door frame in a Condominium Building where you reside.  Does the same apply in Toronto as we become the condo capital of North America?  A debate has erupted lately in Stratf...
by Living in Toronto on May 3, 2012

Gold Mezuzah

Mezuzah is an art object that dates back to ancient Jewish custom and is believed to be carry spiritual significance. Traditionally mezuzah decorates the doorsteps of every Jewish home for protection and well being. Gold mezuzah is naturally expected...
by ATLPC Jewelry Blog on Mar 6, 2012

18 Jenis jimat yang digunakan untuk mengusir roh jahat

Tampaknya bahwa di beberapa bagian dunia dengan semua budaya yang beragam dan keyakinan, kebiasaan menggantung jimat pelindung pada pintu, dipercaya bisa membawa keberuntungan atau pun menjaga roh-roh jahat keluar dari rumah. 1. Tapal Kuda Mu...
by berita aneh on Feb 19, 2011

unik,18 Cara Agar Kamu Aman dari Hantu

Tampaknya bahwa di banyak bagian dunia, bahkan dengan semua budaya yang beragam dan keyakinan, tindakan menggantung pesona pelindung pada pintukami untuk membawa keberuntungan atau menjaga roh-roh jahat keluar darirumah kita secara luas dip...
by berita aneh on Feb 8, 2011

What Everybody Dislikes About chanukah And Why

Interesting to note that he wears a mezuzah around his neck. With Chanukah a. Potato potahto tomato tomahto. Sundown marks the beginning of Hanukkah ...The article What Everybody Dislikes About chanukah And Why take from: US Today Trends Echoing thi...
by US Today Trends on Dec 1, 2010

Mezuzahs in Space

You may remember that last year the American astronaut Greg Chamitoff took two of my rocket shaped mezuzahs, the Apollo and the Shuttle on a NASA expedition to the International Space Station. Since astronauts only get to travel with a...

Jewish art and judaica and mezuzah too

well, here is a video of what we make in shaked desugn. here you can sea our jewish art meet the artist and create unique judaica items such as kiddush cup and mezuzah cases.
by judaica artist on Nov 15, 2009

New modern mezuzahs

I am creating new line of new modern mezuzahs with photographic images. Do you have a snap that you are particularly proud of?Send it to me, and if your picture is used you will win a prize.The part of the picture that will be used is a thin strip, e...

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