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Together: Soi Yat Hei (2013) BRrip

Sinopsis: “Together” es una película ómnibus con un trío de historias de amor entrelazadas. La película cuenta con el elenco de estrellas como Donnie Yen, Angelababy, Bosco Lam y Michelle Chen en los papeles principales. Titulo: Toget...
by on Oct 5, 2014

Michelle Chen Wallpaper

by Asian Celebrity Wallpaper on Oct 27, 2012

Michelle Chen Photos

Michelle Chen is definitely the talk of the country! (Well… at least in Taiwan). With an angelic face, sweet cute smile, long black hair and a sweet voice, she has officially topped the charts in many fans’ hearts. I’m sure many of you who have...
by indiamr on Nov 17, 2011

► The Best Political Opinion for the Week ending June 4, 2010

● Alex Pareene can’t see “the Good Side of the Oil Spill” — CNN’s bizarre ongoing attempt to act as though there are always two reasonable sides to every story ● Maureen Dowd highlights President Obama’s plun...
by PoliticalReformer on Jun 4, 2010

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