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Your Voice is Yours – Don’t Ever Let Anyone Take That Away from You

Standing up for principle–and standing up for yourself– is important, especially if you know you don’t deserve someone’s negative comments and/or behavior.  All my life I’ve been about principle.  All my life I’ve had difficulty...
by Ivy's PPD Blog on Jan 25, 2014

New Fashion Designers

::: DAY 1 ::: PRABAL GURUNG Hi Everyone, You probably don’t know him and not even heard of his name, but evidently he is very popular between celebrities as well as Fashion Magazines… Prabal Gurung was born on March 31, 1979 … Continue...
by Golnaz Fashion Ideas on Jan 23, 2014

GIF: Michelle Obama dunks on and photobombs Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Obamas are about as entertaining as any Presidential family we've had in years.
by Los That Sports Blog. on Jan 21, 2014

Beyoncé Celebrates Michelle Obama 50th Birthday

Michelle Obama celebrated her 50th birthday this weekend !!!  The star-studded guest list included politicians and entertainers such as Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Smokey Robinson, a...
by The MikeyLately Show on Jan 20, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday to First Lady Michelle Obama

The big day is finally here for First Lady Michelle Obama. She turns 50 on Friday! Her birthday will be marked with a private dance party at the White House over the weekend — something she has said she wanted ... Read More...
by Prune Juice Media on Jan 17, 2014

Michelle Obama Touts Her AARP Card on 50th Birthday

Excited to join Barack in the 50+ club today… check out my @AARP card! –mo — FLOTUS (@FLOTUS) January 17, 2014 AARP helped get ObamaCare passed which caused millions of Americans to lose their health insurance.
by Fire Jim Moran on Jan 17, 2014

The Long National Nightmare Is Over

Mooch has to stop mooching for a while...After 24 days on vacation in Hawaii, including ten without her husband and children, First Lady Michelle Obama will return to Washington by Wednesday.Michelle, who has been holed up at Oprah Winfrey’s fabulo...
by Randys Roundtable on Jan 13, 2014

This picture is worth $678 million!

Does this picture start to explain the failure that is Obamacare and the corruption that is the Obama administration?If the picture is not enough evidence for you perhaps this excerpt from the Daily Caller will be!First Lady Michelle Obama’s Prince...
by The Political Commentator on Jan 9, 2014

Michelle Obama Stays Behind In Hawaii With Oprah Winfrey

First Lady Michelle Obama is in no mood to deal with the brutal cold weather that engulfed much of the nation earlier this week. While everyone including President Obama and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, were headed back ... Read More...
by Prune Juice Media on Jan 8, 2014

How much money is Michelle Obama's 50th birthday worth to you?

In another example of a monarchy running amuck, Michelle stays in Hawaii after the First Family spent 17 days there on vacation! Extra cost to taxpayers? About $200,000!Ahead of her 50th birthday this extended stay was a present from the President, a...
by The Political Commentator on Jan 5, 2014

How To Look Like a Star

Coolblades, UK based hairdressing suppliers, have put together this guide on how to get the look on three of today's most popular style icons: Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Aniston. Carla BruniWhen Carla Bruni married Nicola Sarkozy...
by To Hell In A Handbag on Dec 19, 2013

Very Funny Michelle Obama Christmas Gif (Gift)

H/T I'm 41 Advertisement...
by The Political Commentator on Dec 14, 2013

La Comedia silente o Déjate de satería con mi marido… esta tu niña!

Uy, qué bonitos quedamos!! Viste, mulatiqui? (Michelle: Ay, tu verá que tú va a vé…) Pon cara de estadista y aprendete mi celular… Ese que anotaste arriba, Obamito? (Estos pensarán que yo estoy ciega o qué???) Mejor quedate con él...
by El Blog de la Polilla Cubana on Dec 11, 2013

Obama-Putin Pictorial Comparison Part Two

Previously at TPC we had shown a pictorial comparison between the leadership styles of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin!For the citizens of the United States it was a sad comparison as it showed our Commander-in-Chief as a bower to foreign leaders and...
by The Political Commentator on Dec 11, 2013

A Vicious Dog, Don’t Say “Rape” Tutoring, Homophobic Campaigning and a Potential Gubernatorial Candidate with Bad Hair

Since I stopped writing regularly on Foolocracy, several people have written to me expressing that they will miss the regular updates on the absurd in politics. Like a Toronto mayor on crack, I must admit that making regular posts is … Continue...
by Foolocracy on Dec 6, 2013

America's Hoochie Mama

What is it about children's events that causes America's First "Lady" to dress like a ghetto ho?  Here she is yesterday at a White House Christmas (they wouldn't call it that, but we will) event:and here's the hoochie mama at the Kids' Choice Aw...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on Dec 5, 2013

Quote du jour

Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard for what you want in life. That your word is your bond; that you do what you say you're going to do. That you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don't know t...
by Proof Positive on Dec 5, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! + What are you wearing tonight?

Wishing all my readers, followers, friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day!While you are readying for today's look of the day for the grand feast, I'd like to share a few tips! Gobble the turkey but don't end up looking like one :) Just joking!Here are so...
by Dreaming of Gucci on Nov 27, 2013

Michelle Obama Visits 106 & Park

In regards to promote President Obama’s “North Star Goal”, First Lady, Michelle Obama stopped by 106 & Park to get the US back as the number 1 country  with highest […]...
by Spaced Out Magazine on Nov 21, 2013

5 Badass Women in Politics

It's that time again, guys! Get ready for 5 badass women in politics!1. Hillary ClintonThis woman is the tits. There is no arguing against it. After enduring being the First Lady for one of our most controversial presidents, she is still going in the...
by Zero Decorum on Nov 21, 2013

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